Shoes are the most important part of your dress. If you don’t choose the perfect shoe for you then your dressing remains incomplete. Shoes should be stylish and comfortable at the same time. Now if there is any crease, then the beauty of the shoe goes in vain.

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How to Prevent Creases in Shoes?

Most of us choose different types of shoes for different types of dresses. While we are ready for office in formal attire, we prefer to wear leather boots. On the other hand, while we go for casuals, we like to wear snickers made of cloth. Both these shoes complement different types of dressing with their presence. You can’t replace the look of formal leather made boots with the snicker. On the contrary, it is hard to have a casual look with a formal boot. This is why shoes are so important to get the full feeling of the dress.

  • Since comfort is the main criterion in choosing the shoes, you can see that the shoemakers make them in such a way that they facilitate all your moves. In the course of this, the shoes get creases on them. If your shoe is made of leather, the creases may stay on them. But shoes with some creases don’t look so good and hence you need to uncrease them. Here are some steps through which you can uncrease your shoes easily.
  • The first thing you need to do is to clean your shoes properly. If it is a snicker then you can wash it off with soap or detergent. You can rub the creases with brushes with smooth bristles to get the dirt off from there.
  • If it is a formal shoe, then clean it with a polishing brush with hard bristles to get the dirt off from the shoe. If there is any mud then you can use some mineral oils to get them off. The use of water is strictly prohibited.
  • If you have to use any water for the cleaning of your formal leather boot, then you need to put the shoes into the sun for drying.
  • After drying you have to put some rolled up paper or pieces of cloth into the shoes to stretch them out into their actual shape.
  • Now place a damp cloth on the crease of the shoe and run the hot iron through that.

Alternative Way to Uncrease Shoes

There is another way to uncrease shoes. You need to put some water on the shoe to make them wet. Now put some heavy materials on them so that they get stretched duly and leave them in the sun to dry.

  • You can take the rolled-up papers out of the shoes and then sprinkle some water to make them wet. Now when the shoes are properly wet, use your drier on the, and tumble it to dry your shoes.
  • Keep checking your shoes continuously so that they don’t get exposure to the heat more than they require.

How to Get Rid of Creases in Shoes without Iron?

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Many of us may go for iron to uncrease their shoes, but you need to remember that leather shoes are not the material on which you can use the iron. Ironing is not the ultimate solution to uncrease your leather shoes and it may eventually destroy your shoes. Now before we get into the point to uncrease the shoes without ironing, we need to know the most common causes of developing wrinkles on the surface of the shoes.

  • The first reason for wrinkle into leather shoes is the lack of proper storage. Lack of airy storage area or storage rack can cause unnecessary press of the shoes which leads them to develop wrinkles.
  • Generally, we try to keep our feet in such places where we can put them in relaxation. This is why sometimes we put our feet in such positions where the shoes bent over and develop wrinkles.
  • If your shoes don’t fit on your feet well and you are having some space inside the shoe, then it causes wrinkles on the shoes. So make sure that your feet occupy each and every millimeter of the shoe space.
  • Lastly, the design of the shoe is to some extent responsible for it. If the shoe contains multiple pieces of leather and they all are having equal stretch on them, then there is a lesser chance to get wrinkles.
  • On the other hand, if the whole shoe is made of less number of pieces and the stretches are unevenly distributed on them, then there are high possibilities of wrinkles.

How to Stop the Creation of Wrinkles on Your Shoes?

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But nevertheless, you can stop the creation of wrinkles on your shoes. There are some basic preventions that you can take to save your shoes from wrinkles. You can easily put some rolled up paper or clothes into them to keep it tight and maintain the shape of it. You can also put them on a shoehorn to avoid the formation of wrinkles. It also helps you to prevent the back of the shoe from getting damaged. Now here is the next part, we are going to give you some tips on how to stop wrinkles and get rid of them.

  • You can use a steamer to bring the shoes back into their proper shape. For this, you need to remove the shoeless and stuff the shoes with some paper or cloth into it. Now cover the toe of the shoe and run the steamer over those places where there are wrinkles.
  • You can also use a heat gun or a hairdryer to get rid of the wrinkles. For this, you need to put your shoes on the shoe tree and then blow hot air from the heat gun or hairdryer. But you need to keep it at least 6 inches away from the shoe as too much heat is harmful to your shoe.
  • Give a gentle massage to the creases with your hands when the leather is still hot and this will help you to get rid of the creases.
  • After cooling down the shoes, polish them with proper polishing cream, and condition them.
  • You can massage the shoes with oil to make the leather soft. Drop some oil on the creases and massage them gently with your hands. It will keep the leather softer and will prevent the generation of creases.

How do You Get Wrinkles Out of Shoes without an Iron?

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To get rid of the wrinkles, you can easily use a cedar shoe tree as it works fabulously on the shoes. It distributes the tension evenly throughout the shoe and the wrinkles stay away from the shoes. On the other hand, you may also use some alcohol to make the leather relax and condition them properly. Spray some rubbing alcohol mixed in water and massage gently on your shoes with it. You can spray some of it into your shoes before you wear them to avoid wrinkles.

How do I Uncrease My Jordans?

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  • Remove the shoelaces from it. Stuff the toe-box with some pieces of paper or some clothes or shocks till the last point of the capacity of the shoe.
  • Dip a towel into water and put the damp one on the toe-box. Now heat iron and run it over the damp towel to decrease the shoe.
  • After ironing, remove the towel from the surface and leave the shoe as it is. Leave the stuff in it to keep the stretch on.

How do You Get Creases Out of Mesh Shoes?

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Put your socks into it to create an outward pressure on the toe-box. You can put on some rolled clothes too. Now leave them as it is. Since the materials are stretchable, they will adjust the creases within themselves.


  • Keep your shoes stuffed when you put them off.
  • Use iron over damp towels to get rid of the creases.
  • You can use oils or alcohol to keep the shoes soft.

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