Who thought of the numerous uses of a hairdryer?

A hairdryer is known not only for hair beautification purposes but also for other uses, especially in the electrical field. The same case applies for a shop vac, also knows as a wet vac. You might think you only use this tool in the garage or basement cleaning, but you are wrong. A shop vacuum is similar to the normal vacuum, but it is extra powerful because of its sucking capabilities. It works perfectly well in both wet and dry surfaces. This is a tool to choose when you seek to clean large messes.

How to Use a Shop VAC to Clean a Carpet

Carpets are there to serve a number of functions in homes. They provide warmth and add some sense of style to the house. However, your carpet tends to hold stains, solid soil, and bacteria, depending on your location. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure you frequently clean your carpet. Cleaning is a carpet that is not a simple job compared to cleaning tiles. But there is no cause to worry as shop vacuum is there to ease the whole process. If you don’t know where to begin, this article will aid you in the whole process.

  1. Preparation

We want to ensure that you do this thing right. The first thing you should do before you switch on the shop vac is to prepare the carpet to be cleaned. If the carpet covers the entire room, it is advisable that you clear everything, especially furniture. This protects your furniture from moisture and cleaners used in the cleaning process.  You can as well remove the carpet and take it in an open area. You can choose a place where you can clean the carpet without distractions. It is always recommended that you use a hand brush to remove any recognizable stains. This makes the cleaning efficient when you bring the shop vac on board.

  1. Treating stains

After removing the stains by hand, you now should lookout areas of the carpet that would require extra cleaning. Once you identify those areas, the most viable idea is to use a commercial stain remover.  Well, you should be extra cautious about the stain remover you use. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you read the instruction put forward by the manufacturer. Also, confirm that the stain remover does not bleach your carpet.  Once you treat the stains, allow the stain remover to sit for a certain period. As you wait for the allotted time to lapse, you can be mixing cleaning water with a carpet cleaner in a bucket. You should ensure that you do that in equal ratios.

  1. Cleaning

Once everything is set, it is time to embark on the main work. Get yourself a water can that you can use to pour the solution in the bucket on the carpet. We recommend that you work with small portions of your carpet. This ensures you don’t get overwhelmed. The downside of the shop vac is that it will suck water but will not disperse it. Therefore, you should have a hand brush to perform that function. Also, remember to scrub the stained areas.

Once you do that, the last thing to do is getting water our and rinsing the carpet. This is where the real cleaning process happens. This is because the shop vac is sucking dirt out of the carpet. Use the flat attachment to your shop vac. This ensures you suck out the water as you slide the shop vac hose. After removing the carpet water, rinse again using plain water and repeat the same process of sucking water out of the carpet.

  1. Drying process

It is advisable to open the windows to allow the carpet to dry. This works best in speeding up the process. Ensure the carpet is dry; otherwise, you might have to deal with molds that form as a result of your carpet not drying out well.

Tip: the easiest way of cleaning the carpet using the shop vac is working in sections. Ensure one section is completely before going to the next. You will realize how easy and efficient it becomes.

How to Use a Shop VAC to Clean Your Pool

Although most people use the manual pool vacuum, you can also use a shop vac to clean your pool. The downside of using a shop vac is that you have to keep removing water from the vac. This can be time-consuming. However, the vac helps to ensure that dirt and debris do not get into the pool filter. The process of cleaning the pool is quite simple and straightforward.

  • Take your shop vac near the pool but ensure you pace it in an area where it cannot accidentally fall in the water.
  • Attach an extension to the shop vac that works perfectly well in vacuuming flat surfaces. However, if you remove debris from the deep end of the pool, then you have to insert the hose of a manual pool remover.
  • In case of shallow ends, vacuum the areas that you can reach with your shop vac. When cleaning the deep end, insert the end of the hose of the manual pool vacuum inside the water.
  • Suck up the dirt and debris.
  • Empty the shop vac anytime it feels.

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