All kinds of clothes get dirty, which means you have to wash them regularly. However, there are different ways to wash your clothes. For example, washing pants and shirts require you to follow different procedures.

When it comes to washing dress shirts, you must wash them carefully so that you can wear them for a long time. In this article, we will tell you about three different methods of washing dress shirts. Read on!

Method 1

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The first method that we are going to talk about is washing and pressing your dress shirt at the cleaners. It is one of the best methods to clean dress shirts. So, you can save your time by taking your dress shirts to the cleaner facility.

The staff will wash the shirts in a washing machine using some water and detergent. Some cleaning facilities allow people to wash their shirts themselves for a small fee. Using the washing machine, you can remove the water from your shirts easily. The method involves you to carry out the spin cycle in the washing machine.

Then, you have to pull the damp shirt on the press and iron them to remove the moisture. It is one of the most inexpensive and convenient methods. Particularly, it is useful when you want to wash a lot of dress shirts.

Method 2

Instead of washing your shirt at the cleaners, it is always a better idea to wash it at home. Washing your dress shirts at home gives you more control and allows you to wash them the way you want.

Experts believe that it is a nice idea to use the option of washing shirts at home. However, if you want to wash them properly, then you have to take some time and make a little effort.

So, you should start by preparing your dress shirt. First, you have to unbutton your dress shirts. Don’t forget to unbutton the cuff and collar. Now, remove the collar stays and put them somewhere safe.

Next, you have to pre-treat the stains using a small amount of detergent. You can use a stain remover pen to treat them initially. Now, start running your washing machine. If you have lightweight or fine dress shirts, you will want to minimize wear. So, to do this, you have to run the machine of the “delicate” cycle.

If your shirts are heavier, then you can use the “normal” cycle setting on your washing machine. Use hot water for light and white color dress shirts. Likewise, if your dress shirts have dark colors, then you have to use cold water. It is because hot water can fade the colors of your shirts.

Make sure you don’t include other laundry items with your dark-color dress shirts. Otherwise, you will ruin the color of your shirts. Now, use a quality detergent and make sure you don’t use chlorine-based detergents. The purpose is to avoid discoloration.

Next, put the shirts in your washing machine and allow it to run the spin cycle. It will remove the water out of your dress shirts. Because the shirts can get crumpled in the machine, it is important to remove them adequately. Otherwise, the deep wrinkles will become part of your shirt. Thus, you won’t be able to wear it.

Hang your shirts up, or you can also lay them out for dry air process. Make sure when you hang them on sharp hangers as they can distort the fabric. So, to avoid marks on your shirts, you have to act carefully.

Method 3

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Dry cleaning is another method to wash your dress shirt. Most experts do not recommend dry cleaning of dress shirts, especially if they are of the cotton material. Although drying cleaning won’t damage your shirt, it has a few downsides.

First, the method is a bit expensive if you don’t do it as DIY. Second, dry cleaning does not remove water-soluble stains from your dress shirts. The method involves using solvents that contain little or no water. So, it won’t remove the perspiration based dirt from your shirts.

Yes, if you don’t have any other option available or if you don’t have time, you can use the method of dry cleaning. If you dress shirts have oil-based stains, it is always better to dry clean them instead of washing them in the washing machine.

Dry cleaning is an excellent method to minimize the wear of dress shirts. It also removes oil-based stains from the shirts and does not damage the fabric.

Can you use the dryer?

We don’t recommend using the dryer to dry your shirts. Instead of this, you can put them on the hanger and let them air dry. However, if you don’t have a larger space in your house, then you can use the dryer.

Even if you use the dryer, make sure you put the machine on a low-heat setting. Use your dryer to remove the moisture from your dress shirts. Once done, you have to iron them immediately to get rid of the remaining moisture. Ironing is also useful in removing wrinkles.

How to wash a white dress shirt?

Sometimes, you spill your favorite food or alcohol on your white shirt. As a result, it gets stains. So, you have to act quickly and wash your white shirt to reduce the effect of stains. Delaying the process will make the stains harder, which is even harder to remove later.

So, first, you need to remove the stains from your white shirt. You can use a comb or brush to lift away the large pieces. In this way, you can protect your white dress shirt from getting ruined.

Now, treat the stain with stain remover solvent or water. It depends on the type of stain. If you don’t have the stain remover pen, then you can use seltzer water, vinegar, or lemon juice as detergents.

Now, dab one of these items on the stain and gently stroke your shirt. Apply some pressure so that you remove the stains adequately. Now, put your shirt in the washing machine and wash it. Take it out and let it air dry.


In this article, we have given you three different methods to wash your dress shirts. You can use any of these methods based on your needs. In general, it is important not to leave your dirty shirts in the hamper for a longer period before washing.

Otherwise, it will cause premature yellow, especially if you have white shirts. It may also cause the collar band to get oils and sweat, which are then hard to remove. Moreover, always remove the collar stays before you wash and iron your dress shirt. If you don’t do this, then it can cause the collar to curve awkwardly.

We recommend washing your dress shirts at home. Therefore, you must not rely on commercial cleaners and instead use your washing machine at home. Even if you are using a cleaning facility, you have to take your high-quality detergent.

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