Fascinators are on signature fashion looks that don’t seem to wear out at all. It comes in all shapes, sizes and custom designs that can match your outfit and overall look. Ladies wear it on different types of occasions, whether formal or just for casual gatherings.

Although it’s nice to wear it for any gatherings, it’s still important to take note of the proper etiquette of strutting this piece. In this article, we’ll show you a quick overview about this head accessory and how you can wear it on your next event.

What is a Fascinator?

If this is something new to you, a fascinator is a traditional head accessory worn during important formal or royal gatherings. This accessory completes the overall classy look that defines pure femininity, class and style.

This accessory also helps you to turn into a “headturner” since it catches most people attention. Most people wear this to stand out and be uniquely beautiful from the rest. Other than making an effort to style your hair, adding an accessory can also make a difference.

How to Wear the Fascinator?

Here’s how to follow a quick step to look like Duchess Kate Middleton in less than five minutes.

1. Positioning your Fascinator

Fascinators can be worn on any side of the head. You can just pick either left or right. Some people even wear it on the front, depending on preference.

But, traditionally speaking, fascinators are supposed to be worn on the right side. If the goal is to look like a royal princess or queen, then opt for your right side in positioning your fascinator.

2. Wearing a Fascinator with a Headband

As you know by now, fascinators have different types of application to use, the first one we’ll show you is with the use of a headband.

  • First, make sure you’re done styling your hair according to how you like it. The fascinator will be the finishing touch for your overall hairstyle. Make sure you have pulled all your hair away from your face to prevent any discomfort upon wearing the fascinator headband.
  • Position the fascinator on the right side of your head and slowly wear the headband. Adjust as per requirement until you’re comfortable wearing it.
  • Hide the headband wire by covering it with some strands of your hair. Use a thin brush to prevent ruining your hairstyle while hiding it. And voila! You’re all set for the party.

3. Using a Fascinator Comb-Style

A fascinator comb-style is basically like a comb design but a bit smaller and quite resembles the hair pin on the way you attach it to the hair.

  • See if you’re done with your desired hairstyle before applying the fascinator. It’s highly recommended to choose a hairstyle like a ponytail or up-do so the hair will be a bit tight to grip the comb.
  • Slide the comb fascinator onto the right side of your head. Check yourself in the mirror and make some adjustments just in case if not positioned correctly.
  • If your hair is not gripping the comb very well, you can use some hairpins to tighten the comb fascinator to the hair. Make sure that the hairpins won’t be visible on your hair for a clean look.
  • To make the comb grip really good all throughout the event, you can apply some hairspray to set the hair. Be careful not to apply directly on your fascinator or it will ruin its overall design.

4. Using a Strap Fascinator

Last but not the least is a type of fascinator that uses a strap where you can position behind your head, around the nape of your neck or even behind your ears.

  • Push your hair away from your forehead and ears.
  • Apply the strap fascinator using around the back of your ear. Use a hairpin to support the strap and connect it to your hair.
  • If you prefer to position the fascinator on your neck or behind your head, you can follow the same steps and support it using hairpins.
  • Apply a hairspray to help the hair set with the straps and hairpins. This will help the fascinator to grip nicely on the side of your head.

More Tips about Using a Fascinator

  • Plan your hairstyle right. The simpler the better. The purpose of wearing the fascinator is for it to stand out. If you plan on wearing an elaborate or flamboyant hairstyle, it will not help your look to create balance and theme. The spectators will be confused on which to look at first, your hair or the fascinato. Also, complex hairstyles may affect the application of the fascinator. If you style your hair too tight, loose or wet, it will not help the fascinator to get a good grip. Style your hair accordingly.
  • Know the theme of the event. This important factor will help you pick the right fascinator to wear. You should be in harmony with other guests but still stands out from the rest. You don’t want to look funny or weird in the event just because you failed to consider the theme of the party.
  • Match it with your dress or outfit. You should consider outfit’s design, style and color when picking the right fascinator. Ensure that they match when worn together. Do a test look a few days before the event, this will help you to choose which fascinator works best.

Should I wear my hair up or down with a fascinator?

The best place to wear a fascinator is either on the right or left side of your head. Wearing it towards the front of your head correctly is sometimes acceptable, but try wearing it on the side a few times and getting comfortable with that before going for a bolder look.

Can you wear your hair down with a fascinator?

For loose hairstyles a medium sized fascinator will work best, and for hair down, you could opt for a larger fascinator or hatinator.

How do I style my hair with a fascinator?

Traditionally fascinators are worn on the right hand-side, though it may be better to consider which side you part your hair on and cover your part with the headpiece. Generally fascinators tend to look best when worn to the side or the back of the head.

Is it OK to wear a fascinator to a wedding?

Wearing a fascinator to a wedding is always appropriate, unless the bride has specifically mentioned not to in the dress code. Fascinators can add color and personality to your outfit, and help pull together a look. Only wear a fascinator if you fee comfortable doing so, and enjoy the experience!

Why are Fascinators banned at Ascot?

All head gear must have a base of at least four inches or 10cm in diameter, which definitely rules out hairbands or those little saucer-y discs on which fascinators are usually built. The reason supposedly is not to promote elitism but to restore formality to the event.

Do you match shoes bag and fascinator?

Shoes and handbags: Shoes, bag and hat do not need to all match as long as your outfit coordinates as a whole then all three can be different colours if you wish. Often we recommend two items in a colour is enough to coordinate, again, you can over match!

What colors should you not wear to a wedding?

Colors You Can‘t Wear to a Wedding
  • White.
  • Off white or ivory.
  • All Black.
  • All Red.
  • Gold.
  • Overly sparkly or heavily metallic.
  • Bridesmaid dress color.
  • Mother of the bride or groom dress color.

What Colour fascinator goes with navy dress?

For example, a navy dress would look beautiful with a contrasting fascinator in red, pink or orange. However, the contrasting colour does not have to be bright. A pink dress would look lovely with a classic black fascinator whilst silver-grey fascinators compliment turquoise dresses beautifully.

Should your hat match your dress?

You can always play around with colour when it comes to hats – don’t assume the hat and outfit should be an exact colour match. A good rule of thumb is to remember that the stronger the colour of the outfit, the more likely that an accent colour will work better than a match.

Does your handbag have to match your outfit?

What color should my hat match?

A key basic rule to remember are that you should always be wearing one neutral color. Typically, people match their handbag to the shoes they are wearing. If you like to wear casual or soft flowing clothes, your handbag should match the look. This purse is too boxy and stiff for this sporty outfit.

Should your shoes match your dress?

Because a hat is worn so closely to your face it is important that the colour of the hat flatters your skin tone. If you have pale skin, a warm colour such as pink or rust is a good choice. Darker skin is easier to choose for, although if it is very dark, black is best avoided.

Should shoes be lighter or darker than dress?

What shoes look good with dresses?

Select shoes one shade darker than your outfit. The color contrast between the shoes and the dress looks good only if the shoe color matches the color of the accessories. White dresses are best combined with shoes in white and beige as well as with bright, multicolored, or patterned shoes.

What kind of boots go with dresses?

The better rule of thumb is that your shoes should be as dark or darker than your hem color. (“Hem” being the color of your skirt, dress, or pants.). Even when wearing an all-white outfit, the better choice is a metallic, either light pewter or light gold shoes.

Is it fashionable to wear ankle boots with a dress?

The Shoes You’ll Want to Wear With Every Sundress This Summer
  • Classic Sneakers. For a casual sporty feel, pair your sundress with some classic white sneakers.
  • White Boots. White makes everything look a little more summery.
  • Ankle Boots.
  • Silver Sandals.
  • Tan Sandals.
  • Bright Flats.

Is it fashionable to wear boots with a dress?

Choose a short dress with over-the-knee boots.

Suede boots look good with a casual dress. Leather or pleather boots look better for a dress that is meant to be worn on a night out. Wear a short, flowing lace dress with a pair of brown over-the-knee boots.

Is it OK to wear boots with a cocktail dress?

Ankle boots can be worn at any age, and yes, you can wear them with dresses! It’s really a personal preference, but in general – fine, sleek ankle boots look best with dressier/elegant dresses, while chunkier, heavier booties pair well with more casual/natural dresses.