Teeth are the most important part of our face.

Teeth play an important role in determining the look of a personPeople use braces to align their teeth properly if there is any disturbance in the arrangement, but keeping the teeth white like pearls are not so easy with the braces.

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Best Whitening Toothpaste for Braces

Whitening teeth with the braces on is really a tough job for anyone. You can only clean the areas where the braces are not attached and due to this, your teeth may lose the even distribution of color. This is why you need to use such toothpaste which can clean the teeth properly. Here is some toothpaste to remove the plaques as well as stains from your teeth.

  • Colgate Optic White whitening toothpaste removes the intrinsic as well as extrinsic stains as well. This paste contains hydrogen peroxide which is effective to fight with the germs causing cavities too.
  • Colgate Optic White High Impact Whitening Toothpaste is the next generation toothpaste to whiten teeth with the help of more hydrogen peroxide than the previous one. It is very effective to remove the stains of tea, coffee, drinks, and so on. But people with high sensitivity in their teeth should avoid this paste.
  • Tom’s of Maine Simply White Natural Toothpaste is compacted with the whitening power of silica which helps you to avoid the artificial whiteners of your teeth. You can clean the extrinsic stains on your teeth and get pearl white teeth instead.
  • Sensodyne ProNamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste bears the brand name of Sensodyne to attract the customers. It contains potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride along with silica to whiten the teeth. It strengthens the teeth along with whitening them.

What Happens if You Use Whitening Toothpaste with Braces?

If you will use whitening toothpaste or mouthwash while you are having your braces on it will only whiten the exposed areas of your teeth and not the areas under the braces. This is why you should avoid using the whitening toothpaste or mouthwash. It will hamper the continuation of the color of your teeth in due course.

Can You See Teeth Whitening Strips with Braces?

A whitening strip is a sticking strip that helps to clean the plaques and tartars off the teeth. But if you will use it with the braces on then it will not be so effective. It will only clean the area where it can get contact. But the areas under the braces will not get cleaned and the continuation of the color of your teeth will hamper. On the other hand, it may damage the metal wire of the braces which may in turn cause discoloration of your white teeth.

Why are My Teeth Turning Yellow with Braces?

Braces stay on our teeth to make them aligned. So a considerable part of the teeth stays covered. This is why cleaning the teeth is not possible properly and thus they turn yellow.

  • But don’t worry; turning the teeth yellow is very common in case of braces among the patients. The braces are not the cause of discoloration of the teeth, but not maintaining proper hygiene can be the most obvious cause of that.
  • This is why you need to keep your teeth clean with the help of proper processes. It is understandable that cleaning the teeth with the braces on is a difficult job, as you can’t brush them easily or use the floss as you do in normal situations.

How to Take Proper Care?

To keep your teeth healthy and white you need to take proper care of them. We are mentioning the root causes of discoloration here.

  • Plaque is one of the most common and obvious causes of discoloration of the teeth with the braces on. As plaque is a colorless sticky layer of dirt on the teeth, it increases day by day as you take your food and drinks.
  • They turn yellow with the time if you add more sugar as it causes the generation of acid on the teeth surface and eventually they cause decay to the teeth. Many times you may find white spots on your teeth due to this situation.
  • Tartar is the advanced stage of plaque. Since plaque tends to deposit on the teeth they may turn hard if you won’t clean your teeth properly. Tartar causes yellow and brown stains on your teeth and can make it difficult to clean the teeth in normal ways.
  • There are some foods that can cause discoloration of teeth. Some foods leave a stain on the teeth if you don’t wash your mouth after taking them. Sugary and starchy foods cause residue in the mouth which causes the generation of acidic material to discolor your teeth.
  • Acidic foods like citrus fruits also can cause this discoloration. Drinks such as black coffee, coffee, tea, soda, hard drinks also cause discoloration in your teeth.
  • Some fruit juices having dark colors also are responsible for the same. These foods can cause the growth of de-mineralizing bacteria as well as acidic materials to cause discoloration.

How do You Get Rid of Yellow Teeth from Braces?

So far we were discussing the causes of tooth discoloration. These causes are the regular ones for which you can experience discoloration of the teeth. On the other hand, if you have braces on your teeth, then you will have problems regarding cleaning your teeth and this will increase the chance of discoloration of your teeth. Here we will discuss the different methods to get rid of yellow teeth.

  • A stained tooth can make you feel insecure and demean your confidence. This is why you need to whiten your teeth. You have to choose the best toothpaste for this.
  • Some of the minerals help you to whiten your teeth like fluoride. These minerals also strengthen your teeth enamel.
  • Some home remedies are available and are best for you to get rid of the stains on your teeth. Some whitening gel can save your teeth from staining. White-strips made of the crest are very popular in this connection to clean the teeth.
  • Visit a dental surgeon so that you can get a whitening treatment on your teeth. The professional dental experts use several solutions as well as procedures to whiten your teeth.
  • Normal braces capture the front of the tooth to stay on them. This is why you face difficulties to clean them up. But if you will opt for some special types of braces they will facilitate you to clean your teeth.
  • Some removable braces are available in the market which will, in turn, help you to brush your teeth every day.

Can You Brush Your Teeth with Baking Soda with Braces on?

Baking soda is an alkaline material that is very efficient to clean the stains from teeth. It is very fruitful in such cases where the stains are due to foods, drinks, and smoking. But resting the baking soda on your teeth for a long time can cause decay of the minerals from your teeth and thus it may get damaged. There are six ways to clean your teeth up using baking soda.

  • Baking soda and water in combination can be useful. Make a paste of half a teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of water. Now apply it on your teeth with the help of your finger and let it rest for two to three minutes. Now rinse well to wash out all the paste from your teeth.
  • Put some sprinkles of baking soda on your toothpaste and brush your teeth with it. Some toothpaste contains baking soda as an ingredient of it.
  • The mixture of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide can be very useful in the context of cleaning your teeth. Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in 2:1 proportion and mix it well to get a mixture with the consistency of toothpaste. Brush your teeth with the mixture and you will get sparkling white teeth.
  • Lime juice along with baking soda can be a very good solution for your teeth to whiten them up. Since lime juice is an acidic content and baking soda has alkaline content, both these materials will be helpful to make a good combination to clean your teeth.
  • Some apple cider vinegar with combination to baking soda will work like magic to clean your teeth.
  • If you don’t want to use acidic components or chemical compounds, then you can use coconut oil in association with baking soda to make your teeth white again. Coconut oil is a good source of lauric acid.
  • It is a saturated fatty acid that helps to lose cholesterol and fat. You can use the coconut oil to make a paste of baking soda and use it to clean your teeth properly.

What Happens if You Use Whitening Toothpaste with Braces?

While you will use whitening toothpaste on your teeth with the braces on, it will come to contact only with the area which is exposed. This will lead to the uneven color of your teeth which will not be a pleasant sight.


  • Cleaning teeth properly with braces on is really necessary for oral health.
  • Try to avoid sugary and sticky foods to avoid plaques on your teeth.
  • Always go for whitening treatment after removing the braces because it may cause the uneven color of your teeth.

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