Does the Bible app work without wifi?

The Android “OpenBibles” app does not need the Internet after you download the Bible(s). You can even turn on a split screen so you can look at two different translations at the same time. It works very well.

Does the YouVersion Bible app use data?

But the app’s creator, Bobby Gruenewald, told me that the data they collect is used to improve the experience of the app, with the aim of helping people globally to engage with the Bible. … According to Gruenewald, YouVersion follows all standard precautions to ensure their user data is safe.

What is wrong with the YouVersion Bible app?

YouVersion Bible is notorious for privacy violations and dangerous data collection. Yet, here it is: still seated firmly in the Play Store, racking up over 100 million installs with a whopping 22 permission requests.

How many downloads does YouVersion Bible have?

100 Million Downloads
With 100 Million Downloads, YouVersion Bible Is A Massive App That No VC Can Touch.

How many GB is the Bible?

doc, . pdf, or . chm file with a whole bible (old and new testaments) and no commentary or cross-references is 4.5–6 megabytes, or 0.0045 to 0.006 gigabytes.

Is Bible com the same as YouVersion?

YouVersion (also known as or the Bible App) is an online and mobile Bible platform published for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and many other operating systems; it also supports a variety of other platforms.

How much is the YouVersion Bible app worth?

According to industry experts, the YouVersion Bible is likely worth a bundle. Jules Maltz, General Partner at Institutional Venture Partners, told me, “As a rule of thumb, a company this size could be worth $200 million and up.”

How many people use the YouVersion app?

YouVersion recently announced its Bible app hit a monumental milestone — placing it among a rare strata of technology companies. The app, simply called “Bible,” is now on more than 100 million devices and growing.

Who is behind YouVersion?

Bobby Gruenewald
“As technologies emerge and create new possibilities, it’s important to us that the Bible be at the forefront of innovation,” said Bobby Gruenewald, Life. Church Pastor, Innovation Leader and YouVersion Founder.

Why is it called YouVersion?

EDMOND – In 2007, Decatur native Bobby Gruenewald created a Bible website for his church, dubbed “YouVersion,” that was designed to allow users to associate online media such as YouTube videos or Flickr photos with Bible verses.

What denomination is YouVersion?

YouVersion, with over 600 Bible translations in more than 400 languages, is by far the church’s biggest success. The app is nondenominational, including versions embraced by Catholics, Russian Orthodox and Messianic Jews.

Who wrote YouVersion Bible?

Bobby Gruenewald
Bobby Gruenewald (born July 31, 1976) is Pastor and Innovation Leader at Life. Church, a multisite church based in Oklahoma. He is also the founder of the YouVersion Bible App and a former entrepreneur, making and selling two multi-million dollar online companies.

Who created the Bible?

According to both Jewish and Christian Dogma, the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy (the first five books of the Bible and the entirety of the Torah) were all written by Moses in about 1,300 B.C. There are a few issues with this, however, such as the lack of evidence that Moses ever existed …

Who narrates the Bible?

The Bible (miniseries)The BibleNarrated byKeith David (US version) Robert Powell (UK version)Theme music composerHans Zimmer Lorne Balfe Lisa GerrardCountry of originUnited StatesOriginal languagesEnglish Hebrew

How do you cite the YouVersion Bible app in APA?

Published on December 9, 2020 by Jack Caulfield. To cite the Bible in 7th edition APA Style, use the general book citation format, omitting the author element and listing the specific version used (not just “The Bible”) as the title. Include a URL if you accessed an online version.

Who reads the NIV Bible?

New International Version
Reading level 7.8
Revision 1984, 2011
Publisher Biblica (worldwide) Zondervan (US) Hodder & Stoughton (UK)
Copyright The Holy Bible, New International Version, NIV Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc. Used by Permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

Can Siri read the Bible?

Siri can help you find websites dealing with the Bible, by saying, “Find Bible passages.”, but once you have found one that provides what you want for passages, you have to switch to your device’s Spoken Content settings, and these are not on by default; you have to enable them.

What is a safe Bible app?

Bible – One of the Best Bible Devotional Apps

You can customize your Bible with Highlights, Bookmarks, and public/private Notes. To access it anytime, anywhere simply download any version and listen to them offline. Share God’s love with close ones and enjoy honest conversations about faith in a trusted community.

What Bible app is free?

1. YouVersion. The YouVersion Bible App is diverse and accessible. Their app is free and available on iPhones, Androids, Kindle, and the internet.

How do you get Alexa to read the Bible?

Here are the command you can as of the YouVersion Bible Skill:
  1. Alexa, open YouVersion Bible.
  2. Alexa, ask YouVersion Bible to read Psalms.
  3. Alexa ask YouVersion Bible to read John 3:16.
  4. Alexa, tell YouVersion Bible to read my plan.
  5. Alexa, tell YouVersion Bible to read the verse of the day.