If you want to get add stuff from your provided Xbox 360, you should be able to have administrator rights over it. It can get you more games, better performance and much more. You can run any code you want and play endless games; there are simply lots of possibilities. Here we discuss in steps the way to JTAG your Xbox 360.

  1. Check your System

The first thing is to actually find out if your console can be exploited at all. Since this is all the credit of the community that has written the jailbreak code, they are compatible with some models and not with others.

  • Check if your Xbox 360 runs a kernel number 7371 or lower.
  • For this, you have to locate the dashboaed of the console.
  • Locate the system info tag, usually on the rear side near the AV port.
  • Scroll to the info and check for the numbers that look like 2.0.XXXX.0.
  • The 4 Xs make up your kernel number.
  1. Gather the Tools You Need

In order to be able to JTAG your console you also need some tools and equipment. This tutorial needs you to do some soldering stuff and all. It is not software only stuff where you can jailbreak it using a USB with a code in it.

  • Find a soldering iron.
  • A solder.
  • A computer with an LTP port.
  1. Electronic Parts are Needed

You need a list of parts that you can get from your local electronic hardware store like resistors and all. Here is all that you will need to follow the complete tutorial, but other tutorials might be different, so do not mix.

  • 1x 25 pin D-subminiature cable (LPT cable).
  • 3x 330 ohm resistors (only for Xenon motherboards).
  • 1x 25 pin D-subminiature connector (male or female depending on which kind of cable you have).
  1. Soldering the Motherboard

This is a pretty simple process if you are into soldering and stuff. Again, if you have come this far, it is assumed that you can JTAG your Xbox and you are good at handling these things. Note: Never attempt this your first time.

  • You need to solder the motherboard area, a cord at the end.
  • It is suggest that a 30w iron is use as a 15w will have trouble getting the lead free.
  • The 330ohm resistors are not optional and they must be used here.
  1. Dump Your NAND

This is probably something that you may not have done before. You will need to download some files for this too. Here you need to make certain changes to you console through its CMD. This is a bit of hassle if you are not into these things. SO, better take care.


  • Never mix two JTAG tutorials because their methods and formula might or most probably will be different.
  • You will end up bricking your device, so refrain from doing anything like that.

Usually, do this on older Xbox because you can void your warranty.