If you are looking for information about how to keep stray cats at distance from your car, then here are some effective hacks.

  1. Use the Cat Repellent Spray

You can use the cat repellent after washing your car to keep the cat’s away. There are many types of cat repellent available in the market, you can get the one that is active and does not harm the paint of your car. The ways to use cat and dog repellent are:

  • First, wash your car and get it dry in open for some time.
  • Once the car gets dry completely, spread the repellent in different areas like under of mudguard, over the roof, on wheels, etc.
  • The repellent works for long hours, but if the smell of repellent would not last for more than one day, you can have cats back sitting in your car. Therefore, you have to use these repellents regularly to keep cats and dogs far away from your car.
  1. Use the Cat Repellent Sprays

If you think the cat repellent spray is not safe for your car paint, then you can use the cat repellent powder as well. You can find cat repellent powder in pet shops. If you don’t find this there, search at the online store. You will get a product in an online store for sure.

  • When finding a cat repellent powder, make sure you are buying a powerful one.
  • The repellent should be organic and free from chemical so that your car’s paint doesn’t get affected by its use.
  1. Use the Dry Herbs

  • Cats and dogs do not like some fragrances and this include lavender, rue, rosemary, etc. You can keep these fresh herbs near your car or close to the area where cats and dogs often sit.
  • To check which are working and keeping these animals away from your car, you can keep these ingredients alternately. Start with a small amount of herb and then increase its quantity gradually to keep animals away.
  • If you will keep all three herbs together, it will be difficult for you to make which one is working.
  • Though this is an effective way to keep cats and dogs away from the car, but the drawback is that herbs can be blown off by the wind. In strong winds it gets ineffective.
  1. Prepare your own repellent

It is easy to prepare animal repellent and you can prepare it at home using some ingredients. To prepare a repellent you would require:

  • Lavender, orange and peppermint. Take a bottle and fill it with the water ¾ portion.
  • Add lavender, peppermint or orange in the bottle. Fill the remaining part of the bottle with any of these ingredients.
  • Now, spray this prepared mix at a different part of the car. You can also use soak cotton balls in this mix and place it at different parts of the car.
  • Using the same method, you can prepare different cat repellent sprays, but it is important to note here that one repellent will not work on all cats and dogs.
  1. Place an Ultrasonic Animal Repellent in Your Car

  • Fitting the ultrasonic repellent in a car is also an effective way to keep animals like cats and dog away from the car. The ultrasonic animal repellent is available in the market and you can easily buy it from stores or online.
  • The ultrasonic repellents work the way an alarm clock works. But, unlike an alarm clock, it does not emit sound, but it emits an ultrasonic sound that annoys animals.
  • The device does not harm any human it just emits sound and keeps animals away.


The professional repellents are more effective than homemade ones.

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  • Mothballs

This should come into your mind even before you try other methods of keeping cars away from your car. A lot of people do not like the smell of mouth balls so are the cats—this work wells in keeping them away from your car.

The best thing is to buy the mouth balls and place them in bags. Then take these bags and place them near your car- such as near wheels and on the car roof. Your neighbors may look at you in disgust, but that should not concern you. At the end of the day, you will appreciate the effectiveness of this method.

By keeping cats away from your car, you are guaranteed that the depreciation rate is greatly reduced. You can sleep in peace without having to worry about your car. The scent of the mouth balls may not go away easily by the time you are starting the engine to drive out of your compound. However, there is no cause to worry since you can use a decent fresh air conditioner to eliminate the scent.

  • Car Cover

They say that prevention is better than cure. This phrase not only does it apply in the medical field but also this case. You have to find a way to prevent your car from damage so that you don’t incur significant repair costs. Therefore, think of using car covers to protect your car from damages caused by cats. This may seem to be an expensive investment, but it is worth it.

The last thing you want to see or hear is that your cat, with its sharp claws, has left scratches and paw prints on your car. You should always ensure that you zip up the cover when going to sleep. Also, you can do it when you are not using your car. The good thing about car covers is that they can protect your car from the negative impacts of the weather.

  • Train your cat

It is important to note that cats are one of those animals that are hard to train. However, it is possible through the incorporation of both negative and positive reinforcements. A water spray bottle will act as negative reinforcement in keeping cats away from your car. Treats and praises will tell your cat that it did the right thing walking around the car without jumping on it. That’s the way to go. It might be hard but give it a shot.

  • Talk to the Owner

If the cat is not yours, it is hard to train it. However, that should not make you shy away from the fact that you have to protect your car from scratches. Therefore, you can talk to the owner of the cat. You should exercise a high level of etiquette when approaching the owner. Do not be rude. Approach him/her and begin by making it obvious of the impending consequences if the cat continues to jump on your car. by so doing you have a chance to come with workable solutions of the issue.

Firstly, you can recommend that the car be kept indoors. This ensures that the car does not roam around your compound.

Secondly, respectfully ask the owner to trim the cat’s claws. This will prevent it from leaving paw prints and scratches on your car.

  • Use peppers

Our determination in helping you keep cats away from your car is on another level. This is a less smelly option which is highly effective. Cats do not like peppers. Therefore, by just sprinkling cayenne pepper around your car is enough to keep the cat away.

You don’t have to sprinkle the pepper on the car. Just applying around the area where the car is parked is enough. But if need be, you can spray it on your car. When the cat gets a little pepper on the nose, they will go away and never come back. If you are affected by the smell of pepper, it is wise you avoid using this method.

  • Ultrasonic Animal Alarms

The good thing about ultrasonic animal alarms is that they’re high pitched for the human hear to pick up. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night due to annoying sounds caused by the alarm.  When purchasing one, look for customer reviews to ensure that you choose the right ultrasonic alarm.

  • Turn On the Sprinklers

Automatic motion-controlled sprinklers will work best in keeping cats away from your car. What happens one may ask? Well, once your car is attached with motion-controlled sprinklers, they will sense any motion around your car. Anytime a cat tries to get near the car, it will be hosed down by water.  The downside of this method is that it is not only the cats that get wet; you can be a victim as well. This happens when you forget to turn off the sprinkle, and you happen to pass your car. But all in all, it is a good method of keeping cats away from your car.

  • Make Your Repellant Spray

You can decide to be creative and come up with your repellant spray. In this subsection, we give you the tips of coming up with your own spray that keeps cats away from your car going forward. You can use some sort of scented essential oil such as lavender or peppermint and mix it with plenty of water. By applying this mixture every night before you sleep; there are high chances of keeping the cats away. You should do it religiously every day to ensure that the scent does not go away.

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