When you encounter a guy that you really like, you would think of various ways to keep the conversation going. However, keeping the conversation going means you will also have to make sure that he doesn’t get bored. Some people are just better are keeping their conversation going than the others. Nevertheless, you can always learn to be a good conversationalist. Let’s see how you can keep the conversation going with a guy.

  1. Relax

You like the guy, alright but if you freak out and you haven’t even sent a text then the conversation is not going to go that well. You will over-think anything that you say and it is not going to be the natural self when you speak.

  • Take some breath and chill out prior to talking to him. He might be handsome but he is only a guy.
  • Be calm and make sure that you do not come across as desperate.
  • Keep repeating to yourself that he is only a guy.
  1. Do Not Interrupt

This is another basic rule. You should follow this with anyone you are carrying a conversation with. There is a significant difference in between knowing you have to do something and then doing it in reality.

  • The next time you make a conversation with him, keep a check on how many times you are actually interrupting him.
  • You should not interrupt even if you have a good intention.  Interruption is interruption whatever may be the reason.
  • Keep in mind that no one likes to be interrupted when they are speaking.
  1. Be Positive

You will be surprised to know that one of the primary conversation killers is negativity.

  • For instance, you tell him that you are going through some problem and he starts giving a solution and you dismiss it saying that it won’t. He will be disappointed that you didn’t hear him out and the conversation will be killed by pessimism.
  • Do not keep complaining to him all the time as this will get him bored after some time.
  • When you are positive about everything, it will be easy for you to keep the conversation going.
  1. The Conversation Should Go Both Ways

In case you are just talking about yourself or simply about the topics which are interesting for you, you will come across as selfish.

  • You have to show what the other person thinks and feels.
  • Let them speak about what interests them.
  • Try to keep him engaged by leaving out yourself.
  1. Elaborate on His Answers

This tip is important. You have refrained from saying just a yes or a no.

  • When he talks about something, ask them questions about it to make them feel that you are interested.
  • Albeit, you should not make yourself the focus, you can throw in a comment about yourself here and there.
  • This will enable you two to have a good conversation.
  1. Go Easy on Your Replies

You have to go a tad easy with the replies. This means that you shouldn’t send repeated texts when they are taking a few seconds to reply to you.

  • Play it cool. Keep in mind that outside the world of texting, he actually has a life.
  • If he doesn’t reply to you for some time, you should not consider it the end of the world.  Simply because there is a lag in response, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t taking interest in you.
  1. Concentrate on What He has to Say

It is necessary to concentrate on his words, the tone, the speed, and the volume of his speed.

  • You have to feel what he is actually communicating.
  • Do not think about something else when he is speaking.
  • You might encounter sudden silence but you should be comfortable with it.
  • If you have to daydream, do not do it in front of your man.
  • Keep in mind that it is easy to tell whether you are listening or not.
  1. Do Not Get Distracted

One of the greatest turn off when it comes to a conversation is being distracted.

  • Avoid checking on your phone every minute.
  • Do not look at other people around you as this might him feel that you are not interested in him.
  • Give him complete attention.

You have to create a lasting impression. It is necessary to separate yourself from every other girl that he has dated before.

  1. Ask Open-Ended Questions

At times, you are going to experience a pause in your conversation. It is okay as silence can lead to a positive tension. However, it also showcases that you are actually comfortable with each other. It should not be forced conversation.

  • There should not be too many pauses in the discussion.
  • Keep 2 or 3 questions in mind when you think that the silenced has progressed long enough.
  • Ask some open-ended questions.
  1. Find out What He Likes to Talk about

There will be some topics that he will be excited to talk about.

  • Figure out what he likes to talk about through his body language.
  • You can also work it out from the expression he gives when you talk about something specific.
  1. Plan Ahead

It is not possible to plan how a conversation is going to progress. This is because conversation takes their own course.

  • Keep a few topics in mind that you would like to talk about prior to meeting the guy.
  • If you plan what you have to say, you will not forget it when required.
  • In case it feels like the conversation is dying, think about the topics which you had in reserve and bring up one.
  1. Get Ready to Open up

If you tend to be guarded all throughout the conversation and not feeling like giving anything away about yourself then you will find it difficult to keep the conversation going.

  • You have to be ready to open up.
  • If you do not, it is going to make him feel that you do not trust him.
  1. Compliment Him

You have to keep in mind that there are just 2 people in the conversation. He too might be feeling nervous about talking to you.

  • To ease the tension and pressure, you have to compliment him and bring him into the conversation.
  • When you compliment him, it is going to provide him with some confidence.
  1. Take a Look Around

When you notice that the conversation is dying and you don’t have any topic in reserve, then it might make you panic.

  • Stay calm and take a look around. If something catches your attention and is worth mentioning then you can start to talk about it.
  • You can talk about the location or the weather. You can bring up a funny anecdote.
  1. Make Him Feel Special

To keep the conversation going, you have to make him feel special.

  • Talk to him about his likes and dislikes.
  • Ask him about his favorite destination.
  • Make him feel that you think about him all the time.
  1. Shift to Another Topic

If you have been able to keep up the conversation till now, this tip is going to be really easy for you.

  • When you know what he likes to talk about the spin-off in that direction. This will make him feel that you are interested in listening to more about what he has to say.
  • He will love to talk about himself and this will keep the conversation going.
  1. Get inside His Head

If you really have to find out how you can keep the conversation going, you need to learn how you can get inside his head.

  • This will help you to get to know secrets about him.
  • Also, he will be able to trust you more with everything. He is going to take you to be special.
  1. Avoid Being Creepy

There is a thin line between being interested and being creepy. Neither do you want him to feel that you are bored with the conversation or do you want to be someone that he would like to get away from?

  • Maintain an innocent smile and smile often.
  • Keep an eye contact but also be careful to look around the room.
  • Make sure that you are relaxed and not too frigid as it might make them feel that you are not interested.
  1. Do Not be Over Romantic

If you have to give out compliments, make sure that they are simple.

  • Avoid giving long compliments to get his attention. This can be a big turn off for men.
  • Keep it short and simple. Men tend to love these and it an excellent way to loosen him up.
  • It will get them interested to continue with the conversation.
  1. Talk about Basics

As soon as you feel that you are running out of topics to talk about but would not like the conversation to end then you shouldn’t forget that there are the basics.

  • You can talk about the weather or a recent movie which was released.
  • Avoid talking about complicated things like global warming.
  • You will be surprised to find out how these basic conversation starters are going to change into a long conversation.
  1. Resurrect the Last Topic

You might have asked as a close-ended question and you might have given you blunt reply. Thus, the topic comes to end. So, what are you going to do?

  • Resurrect the last topic that you had been talking about. This should have been made redundant by him.
  • Get him to expand on what he had been talking about.
  1. Be Creative

People who have good communication skills will know how to keep the conversation flowing. Thus, they will be able to get the answers that they are actually looking for.

  • For instance, if a guy is feeling sad and doesn’t want to talk about it then you should pester him by asking continuously what is actually wrong.
  • Try out different ways to approach the subject. You will have to be creative.
  • Always try to think outside the box when it comes to solving a problem or talking about a sensitive topic.
  1. Flirt with Him

Flirting can be fun. However, in case you are doing it online then you will have to be slower about it than usual.

  • Don’t instantly start talking about your sexual intentions or anything related to it. Add a bit of sass to your conversation or texts.
  • If you are asking any question, you should offer it a hint of spice.
  • Nevertheless, you should not go overboard with it. Pushing the boundaries will instantly kill the conversation.
  1. Be Honest

When you are blurting out things, it can be easy to just lie or exaggerate in order to make yourself look better. However, you shouldn’t at all do it.

  • If you lie, it is going to get awkward after a certain period of time.
  • You can turn your flaws into a joke and then both of you will be able to laugh about it.
  • This way you are not going to have any special surprises reserved.
  1. Know When to End the Conversation

Simply because the conversation is dying it does not mean that he is not interested in you.

  • You should not try to force the conversation in order to continue.
  • When you notice that the conversation is dying, tell him that you have to go to work.


  • If you are trying to be humorous, you have to use it carefully. This is because it might end up making him feel insulted.

In case you lack communication skills, you should not feel that it is the end of the world for you.