Tying the shoelace is a minor chore that is usually not a big part of a complex routine.

Most people tie their shoelaces in a criss-cross patternThis technique is quite easy to learn and is convenientBut for a lot of people, this lacing pattern is not aesthetically pleasing and is hard to remove during emergenciesFor this matter, a unique shoelace pattern from Superga is a great alternativeHere’s how to tie your shoes in Superga style.

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The Unique Superga Shoelace

Superga is an Italian shoe brand that has been in the industry for 1911. These shoes are originally a product line for tennis shoes. Another thing that the brand is known for is its unique shoelace style. Superga is so tied to this unique shoelace style that it is often referred to as the Superga lace.

The Superga shoelace, also known as the Ladder Lacing, is a kind of shoelace method used to get horizontal straight lines instead of the traditional crisscrosses. You might be thinking about how some people would spend time getting their shoelaces to look like zebra stripes. After all, this method is harder to make and is time-consuming.

This lacing technique has a lot of practical uses in sports and military. Although it is hard to put on, the Superga shoelace technique makes it easier to remove the shoes in case of injuries. Hence, you can commonly see this style of lacing in sports and military use. Here’s how you can tie your shoes with this lacing technique.

Step 1

Normally, the aglet will be run up from the first hole in the shoe up to the next hole to form a line connecting both shoe eyestays (the flappy fabric where the holes are sewn).

Instead of doing this, the Superga lace technique includes inserting the aglet facing inward the shoes on both sides. When done right, the shoelace should cover the first two holes.

Step 2

Take the blue colored lace and insert it to the second hole to the left shoe eyestay. Pull it outward, and insert it to the second hole of the right eyestay. You should have two horizontal lines covering both eyestays after this step.

Step 3

Please pick up the yellow shoelace and insert it to the third hole at the right eyestay outward. Next, get the blue shoelace and run it into the fourth eyestay, just above the yellow lace. Both shoelaces should be outside and on the same side after this step.

Step 4

For the third stripe, insert the yellow lace across to the third hole on the other side facing inward to the shoe. After forming the third stripe, follow up with the fourth stripe by doing the same step to the blue lace. Put the blue lace to the hole just above the yellow lace. Both laces should be facing inside the shoes once again.

Step 5

From the inside, insert the yellow lace to the fifth hole and pull it outward. Next, please pick up the blue lace and insert it in the hole above the yellow lace. Both laces should be outside after this step.

Pick the lace closest to the newly-created horizontal line and insert it to the hole on the other side, adding another line. From here on, steps 3-5 are repetitive. Repeat the steps as long as there are still eyelets or holes in your shoes.

Step 6

Once you’re in the last eyelet available, all you have to do is to pull the last color outside finally, and that’s it. This only applies to shoes with only an even number of eyelets available.

You can’t do the Superga lace on shoes with an odd number of eyelets as easily. In the last eyelet, both laces would be on the same side. You can still do the Superga lace method on shoes with an odd number of eyelets. However, you might need to skip the bottom eyelets altogether, which is not as aesthetically pleasing.

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