If you are new to eBay and wish to link your PayPal account, there are certain steps that you need to follow to get this done.

Once the setup is done, it would make it smooth, whether you wish to pay for goods you buy on eBay or if you wish to provide your business PayPal ID to receive payment for goods you sell on eBay.

  1. Create a Legitimate Account on PayPal

If you wish to avail of the secure and safe platform that PayPal provides for receiving or making payments, you need to.

  • First, create an account on the site and get it verified. If you would be using it only for personal transactions like buying goods online, you can simply opt for a personal account on this site.
  • Creating a legitimate account on PayPal includes keying in your personal identity details and bank account information.
  • These details need to be verified before you can start using PayPal for receiving or sending across funds.
  1. Create an Account on eBay

This portal is a popular platform for selling or buying different kinds of goods, both old, and new curated. If you wish to avail of the services of eBay, it is best to create a subscriber account on this portal.

  • Creating an account on eBay is easy since basic information about yourself, contact details and an email address needs to be provided that can be verified.
  • Once your account is verified you can start to use the account to place orders.
  • If you wish to sell items that too is possible through a subscriber account on the site.
  1. Adding Payment Options

If you wish to make or receive payment on eBay through PayPal, all you need to do is add the details accordingly.

  • Usually, the option of paying through PayPal comes on when you are making a payment or are uploading an item for sale.
  • If you select PayPal as your preferred payment source, simply add your verified PayPal account details and save the same.
  1. Making and Receiving Payments

Whenever you choose to make a payment you can simply use your PayPal account to complete the transaction.

  • You would be asked to log into your account and clear the transaction; once you have bank account, credit, and debit card details already saved on the account page, you can simply choose the way you wish to make the payment and it would be done.

In case you wish to raise an invoice, PayPal. Me link can be sent to the customer to receive payment in a secure and safe manner.

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