Some exercises have become synonymous with hitting the gym. They are shown on ads and pamphlets and people instantly recognize them by name. In a bid to find the dress they like to fit them or do the sports they want, you have to get fit first. Any kind of activity involves a fit body. And losing extra weight is a fact. Here are some facts that ascertain the same.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water Every Day

Though seemingly not useful, this is probably the single most important fact. With any kind of exercise or every simple physical activity every day, your body releases a lot of toxins. They get accumulated. To remove them and flush them out every day, you have to take great care. And that great care is not drinking any kind of antioxidant or toxin remover but simply water. A gallon of water every day can do miracles.

  • It helps boost the burning of calories.
  • Helping flush out accumulated toxins.
  • It cleanses your body and cells.
  • Keeps the cells hydrated and active all the time.

A lot of times drinking water whenever you are feeling tired gives an instant boost in energy. And water infused with electrolytes works even better and faster. So, do not make a compromise in this small thing. With any kind of exercise, this is also a must include exercise and drink up to 5 liters of water every day.

  1. Lunges and Variations

Do you remember those sit-ups that you used to be awarded as a punishment for making a mistake or something? The lunges are a similar form of exercise that involves handling your own weight and moving your body up and down. It is simple, but when done repeatedly can be tiresome and that is the whole idea. If it were not tiresome, then, the burning of calories is not helping anyone. The plain forward lunge is still an effective way of doing weight loss. It is a warm-up exercise and is still quite useful. Without having to stress much on your body, anyone who is overweight can begin with this. It does not need you to be fit already unlike some exercises. Here is a step by step process for performing a lunge.

  • Stand comfortably with your hips wide apart, not much but slightly. It would appear as if they are resting firmly on the ground holding your weight.
  • Now, place your hands on your hips on the side. Once you are set up and comfortable, it is time to move your body in steps.
  • First, take a controlled step forward with just one foot and bend down your body. Place the weight on the foot forward.
  • You can as well go ahead and bend all the way to the ground touching with the knee. Once done, lift yourself up and return to the beginning position.
  • Next, repeat these above steps for a certain number of times with both the legs and you are good to go. 

The above is a simple exercise. There are several variations of this lunge and they all are similar. You have to balance your weight on your body and that makes a good start for you.

  1. Burpees are so Burning Calories

These are another set of exercises or a combo which targets your shoulders, abdomen, legs, and chest. You can feel the burning and tiring experience around these parts almost instantly as you begin to burn the calories. Your complete body responds to your actions here. Here is a step by step instruction to perform burps at home without any special device.

  • Start with a comfortable stand. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and place the hands on the hips on the sides. Gradually, push your hips back; lower your body resting on the knees performing a squat.
  • Now, adjust and balance your weight by placing your hands in front of you. This causes a shift in weight. Now, you have to make a jump. This is a small one as much as you can.
  • Jump and try to land on your feet in the plank position itself. Now, jump explosively into the air. Jumping up toward the ceiling and checking that your planks do not arch your back is important here. Those are the governing steps for your exercise.

Moving your hips, legs, shoulders instantly make you feel more agile. The effective goal is to bring back the agility by small warming up exercise. This is nothing too complicated and can be performed very easily by overweight people. If you are targeted towards building a lot of lean muscles and remove all those extra fat, this is the way.

  1. Squats are the Simplest Form of Exercise

A lot of people squat every day while performing their daily chores like cleaning the floor, working on the ground in the field outside or selling their stuff in the market.

  • Squatting is like an essential form of exercise that is included in the way we sit and stand and do our work.
  • These are all not the same everywhere. You can find special classes teaching you the right way to squat at many premium classes.


The main reason is that squatting repeatedly in sets can help you burn a lot of calories right away. You do not need a lot of strength here, though with practice your stamina improves. It is all about handling the weight of your body and feeling agile about it.