If you find your child is overweight, then you would be on the lookout for various tips and guide over the internet that will help in turning him healthy. All you need to realize is that diets for adults and children are different. Check below to know what helps kids shed off their excess weight.

  1. Have Realistic Weight Goals

As the child grows and that too quickly, it is important to set realistic weight loss goals and do not put a lot of strain on losing quite a lot of pounds quickly. The child will grow taller and shedding excess weight might make him thinner. A very good weight loss goal for an obese child is just one pound in a week. This is easily attainable.

  1. Nutritional Tips to Follow

Eating more and banging on the high-calorie foods are very common among kids. Naturally, this will result in the child gaining excess weight quickly. Hence, it is important to keep a tab on what the child eats and the amount of nutrition he or she has.

  • Give foods that have a low glycemic index as this will take the longest time to digest. The child will feel fuller for a long time.
  • It is important to add a lot of leafy vegetables and the right fruits to the kid’s diet to ensure that the child eats healthy stuff.
  • Adding required levels of protein in the meals and also as snacks will help the body make use of the stored fat.
  • It is important to cut down on highly saturated oils and make use of small quantities of unsaturated fats and oils.
  • Never feed them processed and junk foods every single day. Limit it to just once a week or once every 10 days.
  1. Never Put Your Kid on a Diet

There is a very common notion that staying on a diet will help in reducing weight quickly. This is not advised for adults and never should be tried on kids. The child needs the right amount of calories and the nutrients to grow and hence give them nutritious foods in small quantities. Never ever look to give kids any weight loss drugs and supplements.

  1. Never Change the Diet All of a Sudden

If you are looking to change the diet of the child to a healthy one, you should never do it right away. It is important to make small changes one by one and never do a complete overhaul in one day. Some tips include:

  • Replacing sweetened beverages like soda, juices, colas, etc., with low-fat milk or soy milk.
  • Adding whole grains and protein in the breakfast diet like whole-wheat bread toast with peanut butter and egg white omelet.
  • Eat at fast food joints or restaurants just once in a week.
  • Switch to healthy and nutritious snacks instead of chips, fries, and burgers.
  • Give small quantities of food instead of plate-sized meals.
  1. Make them Active

Kids love to spend time playing video games on computers, laptops or mobile phones. It is important to not make them a couch potato and ask them to explore the world outside. There is so much that nature has to offer and advise them to play some outdoor games instead.

  • Help the kids to find some outdoor recreational sports or activities like soccer, swimming, running, etc.
  • Taking your kid along for a 45-minute walk daily will help him get some physical activity.
  • Take them on hiking or bicycle trips and get them associated with nature instead of spending all the time indoors.
  1. Eating Food Together

It is very important for the parents to spend time with the kid and also encourage them the habit of eating together. What is seen nowadays is that children have their food in front of TVs and this will result in them eating more than what they need. It is a good idea for all the family members to sit across the table and chit chat about work and school during dinner. You can always have an eye on what your kid eats and also prevent him or her from overeating. 

  1. Be Supportive of your Child

If your child is put on a strict veggie and fruit diet and you are involved in bungee eating, then it sends a wrong signal to the diet. You too need to be ready to make a change to your lifestyle so that the child will be more than willing to accept the change.

The kids have the tendency to learn the habits of their parents and hence change in the food pattern needs to start with the entire family. It goes without saying that you need also to get involved in physical activities with your child like cycling, walking, or jogging in order to help him slim down quickly.

How can a 12 year old lose weight fast?

Set Up Lifestyle Changes
  1. Lose the soda. Swap those calorie-heavy drinks, including juices and sports drinks, for good old water or low-fat milk.
  2. Make vegetable and fruits easy snack choices.
  3. Encourage breakfast every day.
  4. Don’t keep junk food in the house.
  5. Eat at home.

What do I do if my child is overweight?

Steps for success
  1. be a good role model.
  2. encourage 60 minutes, and up to several hours, of physical activity a day.
  3. keep to child-sized portions.
  4. eat healthy meals, drinks and snacks.
  5. less screen time and more sleep.

How can I lose my belly fat overnight?

7 tricks that can burn belly fat in ONE day (and we’re not
  1. 01/8Burn belly fat.
  2. 02/8Ditch white sugar.
  3. 03/8Include protein in your diet.
  4. 04/8Drink tea.
  5. 05/8Eat fibre loaded foods.
  6. 06/8Move your body.
  7. 07/8Avoid alcohol.
  8. 08/8Sip loads of hot water.

Will I lose weight if I stop eating for 3 days?

Weight loss is possible on The 3 Day Diet, but only because it is very low in calories. As soon as a dieter resumes eating a normal amount of carbohydrates, the weight will come back.

How can I lose a lb a day?

You need to burn 3500 calories a day to lose one pound a day, and you need anywhere between 2000 and 2500 calories in a day if you are doing your routine activities. That means you need to starve yourself the whole day and exercise as much as to lose the remaining calories.

Is it possible to lose 20lbs in a month?

Simply put, you can lose 20 pounds in several months by eating fewer calories than you do now and exercising vigorously for three to five hours per week using resistance training, interval training, and cardio training.

Can you lose weight by walking?

Physical activity, such as walking, is important for weight control because it helps you burn calories. If you add 30 minutes of brisk walking to your daily routine, you could burn about 150 more calories a day. Of course, the more you walk and the quicker your pace, the more calories you‘ll burn.

How can a lazy girl lose weight?

How can I lose weight in 7 days at home?

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  1. Include aerobic exercises in your daily routine. If you want to burn fat fast there is no getting around cardio training.
  2. Reduce refined carbs.
  3. Add fatty fish to your diet.
  4. Start the day with a high protein breakfast.
  5. Drink enough water.
  6. Reduce your salt intake.
  7. Consume soluble fiber.

How can I lose weight in 2 days?

How to lose weight and reduce belly fat in 2 days: 5 simple tips that are based on scientific research
  1. Add more protein to your diet.
  2. Make fibre your best friend.
  3. Drink more water.
  4. Eliminate sugary drinks.
  5. Take a 15-minute walk after each meal.