When the Christmas is coming, is time for the Big Christmas tree for your home. You can easily prepare a Big Christmas tree at home, here is the method.

  1. Make a Tree Low Cost

The material that you need to collect for this preparation are

  • Chart paper of green color as the color of the tree is green.
  • Marker, decoration material like glitters, hangings, small decorative balls, ribbons of different colors, etc.
  • Glue for sticking things together.
  • First, take the square shape green color paper and fold it vertically.
  • Draw the half shape of the Christmas tree at the end that joins with the help of a marker.
  • Cut the shape and remove the tree structure and unfold it. Similarly, make two such pieces.
  • Now, take one piece and slit it from the top and end the slit slightly before the bottom, so that the two parts of the tree remains joined at the bottom, but separated at the top.
  • Now, insert the tree that has the slit into the one which has no cut.
  • This way you create the 3D structure of a Christmas tree.

Now, decorate the tree with decoration material you are having. You can make a big Christmas tree using a large size sheet this way.

  1. Using balls of crystal and buttons

The material required to make Christmas tree using this process are

  • Green color chart paper.
  • Scissor, glue, decorating material, stapler, buttons.
  • Take a big size green color construction paper for making a big Christmas tree, but if you are practicing, you can take regular size paper as well.
  • Draw a circle on the paper with the help divider or plate.
  • Cut the circle and fold it to make a cone shape.
  • Now decorate the cone using the decorating material like glitters, stickers, handing ball, buttons and gifts.

  1. Decorate with a Tempera

The material required to make Christmas tree using this process are

  • Construction paper.
  • Thin green color paper sheets, glue, scissors.
  • Decorating material.
  • Large size plate or divider and marker.
  • Open the construction paper and draw a circle on it.
  • Now fold the circle to create a cone structure. Staple it, to make the structure firm and stand without support.
  • Now, take thin green paper and fold the paper, cut it into triangle pieces. Cut pieces of different sizes for the bottom keep some big pieces and for the top cut small pieces.
  • Stick the one edge of the triangle paper on the cone and repeat the same process. Stick one after one in a circle and gradually move upward. Gradually use the paper in small sizes and stick it on the cone along the circle. Cover the cone, repeating the same process. Decorate with a Tempera.
  • Leave it for some time so that it gets dried perfectly. Now, decorate the tree using the decorating material.
  1. Tree with Paper Cuttings

Material required are, a long stick newspaper, glue and scissors.

  • Cut the full-size newspaper in a square shape and make a cone from each piece.
  • Make cones of different shapes, big ones for the bottom line and small ones for the top line.
  • Stick the top end of the cone to the stick in a circular manner. Basically, it should create the circular structure.
  • Stick the cone till top to give it the shape of a pine tree. Now, Decorate it.

How do you make a big Christmas tree at home?

This tree is really simple. Just take fairy lights and form the pattern of a Christmas tree on the wall and secure with a cellotape. Accordingly, you can stick ornaments too. As an alternative, put up ornaments cut out of old magazine covers, such as stars and snowflakes, or cut them in any other shapes you want.

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