Make a Christmas Bow Easy

  1. Choose a ribbon of your favorite color

Using a scissor, cut a ribbon of a reasonable length. But a ribbon of 15-20 inches in length can make a fantastic and straightforward bow. However, you should leave a little bit longer ribbon to make practicing easy.

  1. Create loops

Hold each side of the ribbon in a separate hand to avoid twisting off the ribbon. After that, fold the ribbon back towards the front to form two loops or bunny ears. By doing that, you should have two loops towards the top and a bigger one at the bottom-center


  1. Cross the two loops

If you’re intending to make a bow for wrapping a gift box, cross the upper left over the right loop. After that, make a half knot.

  1. Knot-up the loops

You can do this by folding the right loop behind, then pass it underneath the loop on the left.  After that, pull it upwards through the hole. As you make the loops, take care not to end up with bunched or twisted ribbons.

  1. Tighten the knots

Adjust the ends of the bow gently to make a smooth knot. If your loops are not of the same size, you will have to adjust them into a desirable size. Also, you can trim your bow’s tail if it’s unsightly to make your bow look neat.

Make a Christmas Bow with Wired Ribbon

Collect the needed supplies such as a wired ribbon, scissors, a ruler, and a pipe cleaner.

To start, pull out a 36-inch ribbon from the spool and fold one end over itself to form a loop.

Hold the inside of the loop using your thumb, since it’s the center of your bow.

Using the same piece of ribbon, make a relatively larger loop and fold it below the center loop.

Repeat the same on the opposite side of your bow. Continue making each set of loops a little bit longer than the previous ones while alternating to create an even bow.

When you’ve made enough loops, make the final loop, which should be bigger than the previous loop and trim the loop near the center of your bow. Tuck the edge under the bow and insert the cleaner below the center loop to keep all the loops of the bow in position.

Twist gently to secure and trim edges. Then, cut the last longer loop to give the bow two tails.

Fluff the bow loops to give it shape and fullness.

After that, you can trim your bow’s ribbon diagonally, thereby creating two-tail points. However, this is optional.

Make a Christmas Bow Out of a Paper

METHOD 1. Folding a Bow Tie

  1. Gather the necessary tools and materials

Get a plain sheet or construction of paper to use on creating a paper bow. You can also use other options such as origami paper, scrapbooking paper, or decorated printer paper. Also, ensure you have other necessary supplies such as scissors, string, wire, and tape to secure.

  1. Cut the sheet of paper into an appropriate size

Cut the paper into a piece of the size and width that will make your desired bow. You can make it the same width or taller than your desired bow, as you can always trim it later.

  1. Fold the paper

Turn your paper with the back facing you and fold the edge up by ½ inch. After that, turn the paper and fold it by another ½ inch. Repeat this step until the whole paper is folded. You should end up with something that looks like a fan.

Note: Ensure you finish folding the paper by the back to make it balanced. In simple terms, the last fold should face the opposite side to the first fold. If you end up with the first fold and the previous facing the same side, cut off the last fold to make it symmetrical.

  1. Create a crease

Find the middle of the paper by folding it into half to create a crease. Tie the paper at the crease by making a few rounds of string and then make a knot and cut off the unsightly part of the hanging string.

  1. Fluff out the bow

Spread out the two sides of the bow gently to make it look like a fan. If you find your bow slim than expected, you can make another one and glue the two together using glue. After that, you should blind the string used to tie the bow in the middle. To do that, cut a ½ -inch piece of the same paper and round it on the string in the middle. Then glue the last part at the back and your folded tie bow will be ready.

You can also make the middle tie by rolling the piece of paper and gluing it into a ring. Then, close any side of the bow and slide the ring-like paper to the middle. Spread the closed side. And your bow should be ready for use.

METHOD 2. Make a Christmas Bow Using a Template

  1. Get the required supplies

They include a downloaded template, a pair of scissors, colored paper, cardstock or a thick paper, and hot glue. When you have these materials, you can proceed to the next step.

  1. Download and print a paper bow template (below)

The template should have three parts. Namely, a mustache shape to form the loops, bow-tie shape for making the bow tails, and a skinny rectangle.

  1. Print and use the template

Print your downloaded template on a thick paper or cardstock and cut it out accurately. After that, transfer the model to a colorful paper and trace it out.

  1. Glue the mustache’s pointy ends to the center

Put a dot of glue in the middle and glue the pointy ends to the middle, starting with the left one and then do the same to the right one. By doing that, you should end up with a piece that resembles a looped bow.

  1. Glue the bow to the bow tie-shaped

Drop a small drop of glue in the middle of the bow tie and press the bow into the adhesive with the bow loops parallel to the bow tie.

  1. Glue a skinny rectangle to the bow

Put a small drop of glue at the center of the bow and attach the rectangle to the bow perpendicularly to make a “+” shape.

  1. Wrap up and glue the ends of the rectangle at the back

Flip the bow to see the back and put a drop of the glue somehow at the center of the bow, and then fold the tops of the rectangle and press it on the glue. Start with the left end and then head to the right. When doing that, avoid wrapping the paper tightly as that may make it wrinkle. Finally, use glue dots to secure it. And that’s much about it.

METHOD 3. Making a Christmas Gift Bow out of Paper

  1. Get the required supplies

To make a Christmas gift bow out of paper, you will need a patterned paper, pencil, ruler, stapler, scissors, and hot glue.

  1. Cut your paper into pieces of different sizes

You can use wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper to make a decent gift bow. Cut the paper into 3 large strips (1 x 11½ inches each), 3 medium strips (1 x 10½ inches each), 3 small strips (1 x 9½ inches each), and 1 extra small piece measuring 1 x 3½ inches.

  1. Twist the end of the first strip to the center

Take one of the first strips (large) and flip it such that the back faces you. Having done that, fold one of its narrow ends until it reaches the middle. The back of the piece of paper will be visible. Do the same thing to the remaining strips.

  1. Staple the looped paper at the center

Ensure that everything is even, and the two paper-ends are overlapping and then staple the middle of the loop. After that, take a loop and fold from the ends and make a twist. Staple it in the middle and repeat this process for the remaining strips except for the ultra-small piece. Ensure to group each category of the looped paper based on the type of the strips.

  1. Stack and staple the grouped loops

Stack and staple 3 large loops to form something that looks like a star and staple them in the middle.  Repeat this step for the remaining 2 categories.

  1. Nestle the groups of loops in the larger looped star and then set the medium star into the glue

Repeat the process for the small group category and the bow will start to look like one of the star-shaped bows used to wrap presents.  If you don’t have hot glue, you can use a dot glue instead.

  1. Roll the final paper strip into a loop and secure it

Roll the remaining ultra-small strip with its patterned side facing out. Having done that, ensure the narrow ends are overlapping and then secure them using staples.  After that, put a drop of glue in the middle of the bow. Then, press your loop into the adhesive gently. As you press the loop to ensure you’re also pushing the overlapped ends to prevent seams from showing.

Make Christmas Bow for a Wreath

  1. Go for a bright ribbon

Pick a bright color that will give the best contrast with the deep green color of a wreath. Some of the best colors pick that you can try out include Red, Gold, and Silver. With that in mind, cut a minimum length of 12 inches or 30.5 cm.

  1. Wrap the ribbon around your hand

Using your thumb, hold the tail end of the ribbon against the palm of your hand. Having done that, wrap the ribbon around your hands back and bring it over to your palm. Repeat this procedure until all the ribbon is looped around the hand.


  1. Remove the loops carefully and fold the entire stack into half

As you remove the loops from your hand, be very careful not to slip the stacked loops off. After that, hold the loops with the centerfold facing up. Using a pair of scissors, cut the two corners of the centerfold to create a place for cinching the bow.

Note: Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut through all the ribbon layers but do not cut the corners of the ribbon too near to the middle. Or else, you may end up cutting the ribbon into two.

  1. Tie the cinch that you’ve just created

Using a piece of string or ribbon, tie between the notches you’ve made. You can use florist wire or a pretty piece of twine to add a beautiful touch.

  1. Fluff the loops

After tying the cinch, fan out the loops one after the other, starting from the center. As you fan the loops, do twist them towards yourself and arrange them into a circular pattern resembling a reminiscent of petals and your bow will be ready for use. Finally, use a bit more florist twine to fix the bow to your wreath.  And that’s much about it.


Make a Christmas Bow for Tree Topper

  1. Make loops

Pull about 6 inches from the spool. After that, pinch it between the left-hand side’s forefinger and thumb. Make the pinch a bit tight. Use your right hand to pull some more ribbons from the spool to form a loop. Put your hands together and make a scrunch at the bottom of the loop with the ribbons in between your left hand’s fingers.

After that, twist the pinched ribbon tightly on your left-hand side to secure the loop. The size of the loop you make will be determined by the size of the tree on which you intend to use it.

Note: Consider using a wired ribbon as it will maintain the original shape of the bow for a longer time. Also, ensure you twist your ribbon to have the decorated side on the outer side.

  1. Make an infinity symbol or make figure 8

Using your right hand, pull the additional ribbon from the spool and form a loop facing the opposite direction to the first one. After that, add the bottom of the second loop to the pinched ribbon you’re holding on in the left hand. Then, twist it in the clockwise direction to hold in position. By now, you should have two combined loops with the shape of the figure “8”.

Note: To have a uniform loop, ensure your first loop is the same size as the second loop. Also, you can hold the loops on your tree to make sure it’s a perfect fit.

  1. Make more alternating bows

Continue making more loops until you feel that your loops are adequate. However, 10 loops can be enough for making a tree topper bow. The number of loops that you should make depends on the size of the tree you’d want to decorate.

Note: Always remember to pinch and make sure you’ve tightened the bottom of every loop.

  1. Design your central loop

After making all the loops, it’s now time to make your final loop perpendicular to the already made loops. Just like you pinched the bottom of every loop in your left hand and twisted them, do the same to this final loop.

  1. Fasten the loops

Mold a reasonable piece of floral stem wire and insert the ends into the central loop and then bend the wires around the bottom of your loop. Having done that, pull the loose end of the loop in the opposite direction to tighten the knot. After that, fasten the wires properly by twisting the end many times and your bow will be suitable for use. Use another piece of floral wire to fasten your bow onto the tree.

Note: Choose the color or floral wire that matches your tree to avoid mismatch.

  1. Start making streamers

Measure more than four lengths of ribbons from the spool and cut them off using scissors to make streamers. Decide on the part to be the bottom of the streamer and use scissors to cut the bottom of the streamers in a V-shape from inside.

Note: The length of your streamer depends on the length of your tree. Also, you can make as many streamers as you’d like but ensure they don’t look cluttered.

  1. Fasten the streamers to the tree

Pick one of the streamers and wrap a piece of floral wire around the top. Ensure it is safe for pulling in the opposite direction. Use the extended wire to fasten your streamer on a branch below the bow and fasten the excess wires firmly around a branch.

Note: Hide the streamer tops having floral wires under your bow.

  1. Make your streamers wavy to give an illusion of motion

To do that, put a roll of paper towel under the ribbon and smooth the tail below it. You can make as many waves as possible. Also, ensure you do not pinch or press streamers when making the waves on your streamer.

  1. Weave the streamers onto your tree and secure them in place

Also, you should fold the branches around your streamers to hold them in place.

Make a Christmas Bow Skirt

Gather the required supplies to make the Christmas bow skirt. The materials include skirts, bows, safety pins, and tinsels.

Hold up the skirt you intend to decorate and lay it down carefully.

After that, place a bow where you want to pin it.

With one hand holding the bow, reach the remaining hand inside the hand and pin it carefully. This might take a little bit longer to pin all the bows on your skirt.

Note: We’ve chosen to use pins instead of hot glue since you can use your favorite skirt that you would want to put on even after the festive season. Therefore, using safety pins allows you to use even your favorite skirt and then remove the bows after the Christmas party and continue using it as usual.

Add tinsels around the waistband using safety pins, and your Christmas bow skirt should be ready for the party.

Note: Ensure you do not pull the tinsel too tight as you need a little allowance to slip the skirt on.

How to Make a Florist Bow

  1. Gather the required materials

Before starting to ensure you have a wire-edged ribbon and a floral stem wire.

  1. Cut a ribbon of a desirable length

Pull the ribbon from the spool and measure 20 inches.  Using your left-hand fingers, hold onto the ribbon, pull off an additional 12 inches of the ribbon. When doing that, ensure you still have the first pulled ribbon on your left fingers.

  1. Combine the two ribbons

With both hands holding ribbons of different sizes, bring your hands to meet, thereby making a loop in the ribbon. After you’ve made a loop, transfer it to your left-hand fingers and keep it tightly held between your fingers.

  1. Pull out an additional ribbon

With your left hand holding the previously made loop, use your right hand to roll out an additional 12-inch ribbon. Fold it over the loop and hold it on your left hand. By now, the loop should resemble “8”.

After that, pull out another 12 inches using your right hand and fold it over the already existing loop. Continue pulling the ribbon and making loops until your bow becomes even.

  1. Pull off a ribbon to create a center loop

Pull off another 6-inch ribbon and make a wrapped loop on the top of the finger holding your bow’s center.

  1. Make a tight knot

Using a “U” bent floral wire, pass it through and below this top-center loop. After that, bend the wire into a knot and make it tight by pulling it. Having done that, twist the wire many times around to keep it in position.

  1. Trim your bow

Pull out the wire loops gently and then trim the ends or tails of the bow, and your bow should be ready.

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