A milkshake is one of the yummiest items the kids love to drink. It is full of nutrients and has all the goodness of milk. Kids, who don’t want to drink raw milk, are fond of this. Here are some easy ways to make milkshakes without ice cream.

How to Make a Milkshake without Ice Cream and a Blender?

Making milkshakes is very easy and is very delicious. You can make it with the help of your blender in seconds. Moreover, the ice cream makes it yummy. But if you are given the task to make a milkshake without ice cream and a blender too, then will it make you a bit worried? But here we are going to give you some easy hacks with which you will be able to prepare yummy milkshakes without ice creams and even without a blender.

  • Take 2 cups of milk which will amount nearly 450 ml, some ice cubes, vanilla extract, sugar, and a pinch of salt. You can add some flavors also if you want.
  • Now put all these items in a mixing container that consists of a lid. It may be a cocktail shaker also. A drink shaker will also work in these circumstances.
  • After you put all the items in the container, you should shake it for a while. It may take some 5 to 10 minutes to dissolve all the items in the milk.
  • If you love any fruit, especially bananas, you can add some mashed banana into it. It will give the milkshake a creamier and smoother texture. If you don’t have a shaker, then also you don’t need to worry, take two glasses. One glass should be a bit larger in size.
  • Now put all the materials you like in your milkshake in the smaller glass and cover it with the other one. Hold them tight with both of your hands. Now shake them for some minutes and your milkshake is ready.

How to Make Peanut Milkshake without Ice Cream?

Peanut butter is a healthy option instead of normal butter. You can put some flavors also as per your preference. Now put some milk and the peanut butter with some sugar into the blender. You can put some fruit also like banana, mango and so on. Now switch on the blender and blend it for 30 seconds. This will result in a yummy peanut butter milkshake. Put some ice cubes in it and serve it.

Oreo Milkshake without Ice Cream and Ice

Putting some Oreo biscuit and chocolate chips will make your favorite drink more acceptable. Now garnish the creamy drink with some Oreo biscuit flakes.

How to Make a Milkshake without Vanilla Extract?

You can use vanilla ice cream instead of vanilla extract and full cream milk and sugar to make the milkshake.

Strawberry Milkshake without Ice Cream

Use full cream milk to bring the creamy and smooth texture in the milkshake instead of ice cream. Now put some strawberry into it to bring the test as well as flavor. If you don’t have strawberries, then use strawberry essence.


  • Milkshake is very yummy and healthy food for the kids. You can also make it without ice creams.
  • Use full cream milk to make the milkshake creamy and smooth.
  • Use the flavors as per your preference. You can use cocktail shakes also instead of a grinder.

How do you thicken a milkshake without ice cream?

While a milkshake without ice cream can be just as delicious, adding a thickener such as egg yolk will significantly improve its texture and make it taste more like a traditional milkshake. Elizabeth from Livingthenourishedlife.com likes to add raw egg yolks to smoothies because they give them a milkshake texture.

Do all milkshakes have ice cream?

According to the American Heritage College Dictionary, a milkshake is a “a beverage that is made of milk, ice cream, and often flavoring and is blended or whipped until foamy.” Unless you live in New England, where a milkshake would never include ice cream. Adding ice cream makes it a “frappe” drink.

How do you make a thick milkshake?

How to Make Thick Milkshakes
  1. Start by using real ice cream (and choose full-fat.)
  2. Add just enough milk to blend until smooth.
  3. For an even thicker shake, substitute real heavy whipping cream for milk.

How do you make Oreo milkshake?

You simply combine vanilla ice cream, milk of your choice, and a few Oreo cookies. Then, blend until your desired consistency is reached! If you want your shakes to have a few chunks of cookie, then just pulse a few times in the blender. If you want them mostly smooth, just blend a little more!

What is the cost of Oreo milkshake?

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What is the price of Keventers milkshake?

This new avatar sells mint-Oreo-crumble and tutti-fruti milkshakes packaged in glass bottles across busy markets and upscale malls in India. Priced between Rs 125 (30 0ml) and Rs 200 (50 0ml), these bottles have found takers in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru.

Why is Keventers so expensive?

What may seem overpriced to you is nothing but cost of their infrastructure and brand value. So, at home you can mix milk with syrup all you want but it doesn’t have any ‘coolness’ or ‘instagram worthy’ factors associated with it as buying a bottle of Keventers and posting it on social media.

What milk does Keventers use?

Keventer Standardised Milk ensures nutrient rich, wholesomely pure and creamier milk.

Standardised Milk.

Nutritional Information per 100 ml: (Approx. values)
Calcium 130 mg

Is keventer milk good?

Keventer Toned Milk is the second variant of this range. It is meant for daily consumption having a fat percentage of only 3%. Since it is homogenized and follows aseptic packaging and processing method, it is a great option for on the go consumption.

Who is the owner of Keventers?

How do you bring a company that is more than a hundred years old back to life? A company whose frothy milkshakes had satiated generations of Delhi residents, their flavours trapped within wide-mouthed bottles to be chugged back in the sweltering city heat.

Who started Keventers?

The 1920s. Edward Keventer, a Danish dairy entrepreneur, decides to establish dairy manufacturing units in India. Within a decade he has set up-eponymous plants in Delhi, Aligarh, Calcutta and Darjeeling.

Who is Mayank Jalan?

Mayank Jalan – Vice President – Goldman Sachs | LinkedIn.

How do you pronounce Keventers?

Who owns frozen bottle?

Arun Suvarna – Founder – Frozen bottle | LinkedIn.

How do I get a frozen bottle franchise?

An investment of 30-40 Lakhs are needed to start a Frozen Bottle Franchise and about 8% of royalty fee is required.

How do you open a frozen bottle?

Cutting a Frozen Bottle. Open up the cap slowly. If your soda is still frozen, there’s probably a lot of pressure built up in the bottle. Hold the bottle over to the sink and twist the cap open slowly.