It is no secret that all beers are not the same. They come with different tastes despite the fact that we have different individual preferences tastes. Some beers are tasty while others are less tasty. This article comes in handy to help you make your favorite beer taste better. But as a newbie you might get confused on how to go about it. However, there is no cause to worry, we are here to help. Read through this article to find ways to manipulate your beer to your desired taste. Here are the few tricks to apply;

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  1. Add citrus

This is one of the best ways to enhance the taste of your beer. All you need is to cut a lemon into pieces and then squeeze the lemon juice to your beer. Therefore, when pouring the beer to a glass ensure you leave some space because the lemon juice is going to increase the volume of your beer.

Give it a try and you won’t mind giving it another short. You don’t have to stop at lemon, go ahead and try oranges and limes as well. The idea here is that when bitter beer favors combine with any citrus fruit it gives it an appealing taste. Despite its magic, do not try this method with dark beers like Guinness it will only make it worse. Avoid disaster and stick to light beers when using this method.

  1. Adding soda

Any person conversant with the beer industry will be aware of what light sodas can do to a beer. By adding light colored soda to your beer it makes it taste sweet and it does not lose its carbonation. How awesome is that. If you’re drinking dark beer you can try mixing it with dark soda like Coca-Cola.

For light beers add sodas like; Ginger Ale, Sprite, and Mountain Dew or anything similar to that. You must always mix your beer with the light soda to get greater outcome. Going against this directive will be a recipe for disaster. Clearly understand the beer you are taking so as to get the right match when it comes to adding sodas.

  1. Mix You Beer With Salt

There is always a reason why some macro brewers add salt to beer during the brewing process. You can try this hack and see the results. It might sound a bit awkward but do not hesitate from trying this trick. What salt does to your beer is that it makes it crispy. Your beer will taste better than before.

  1. Add Apple Juice

As you know, apple juice is sweet while beer is bitter. But when you combine the two drinks in the ratio of 1:1 the final product is quite appealing. This is what you will hear people calling shady.  The process of mixing apple juice and beer is quite simple and straight forward. Pour your beer in a glass and let it reach to the half mark then fill in the other half with the apple juice. Adding apple juice to your beer is an excellent way of reducing carbonation in your drink and removing that unwanted tart taste in your drink.

  1. Adding Grape Fruit Juice

Well, unlike in the case of apple juice where it is sweet, grape fruit is quite bitter. However, that does not restrict it from giving your beer a greater tasting. Some people like the combination of grape fruit juice and beer. You might belong to this clique of persons.

Do not hesitate to give it a try. The ratios you use are different from one used in apple juice mix. In the case of grape fruit juice, pour ¼ of your glass with beer and fill rest with grape fruit juice.

  1. Add Margarita To Your Beer

Adding margarita to your beer makes it beergarita. Margarita is sweet since it has the citrus and sweet flavours. This helps to mask the bitter tasting of your beer. The ratio you choose to use depends on the flavour you want. You can go for 1:1, 2:3 or you can add margarita to your beer drop by drop until it achieves the desired results.

  1. Add Frozen Straw Berries

We are determined to ensure that you enjoy your beer by making it taste way better. It is a fact that most frozen fruits are ideal when it comes to wine or other mixed drinks. The same case applies to beer. Mixing your beer with frozen fruits like straw berries is known to give it an appealing taste. That’s not all, adding frozen fruits to your beer keep it cold for a longer time. Since we don’t recommend adding ice cubes to your beer then this can be a good way to ensure your drink is cold.

  1. Campari and Beer

Without doubt, adding Campari to your beer is an excellent method of upgrading a mediocre drink. You won’t resist the urge of taking another cup of this great-tasting drink. The appealing taste is still upheld when using cheap drinks. You can go ahead and add some lime to the mix.

This makes the drink to develop a pleasant taste. So how do you go about it? The process is quite simple and straightforward. Add a drop of Campari in a large glass containing beer. Go ahead and add more Campari if you like the taste. Add lime to the mix and enjoy the cup.

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