There are a lot of ways, including how you stand, how you sit and how you carry yourself that can give an appearance that you have a bigger butt. Since it makes you look sexier, you can learn some of them and try to make a change in your style. Here is a list of things that can help you get bigger buttocks faster without any exercise at all.

  1. Choose a Good Diet and a Better Lifestyle

Here are some facts that might sound a little over fetched, but are actually quite useful. If you are not doing any of these, start today and pay attention. The small thing that you heard at school was “early to bed and early to rise”. The best thing to get your job done is to take care of your stuff. After you have finished all your work, have your supper, get into your bed, get under the comforter and have a good night’s sleep.

  • A night of great slbeep at night makes you much better in the morning. When you sleep properly and wake up the next day, you have a lot of time for everything.
  • You can get up and do some exercise, read your emails, get ready properly and everything helps a lot. Eventually, you will realize that the extra time for jogging or running or taking a bike to the office comes from this. The energy to go that extra mile comes from this.
  1. Drink Water – Get into this Nice Habit

You may not understand, but drinking water helps flush the bad things and helps burn calories too. This helps you get into your dresses, keep you agile and much more. There are a lot of toxins that get accumulated as you train, or simply by the physical activities that you go through each day.

  • Water with proper electrolytes helps your muscles and cells. They remain hydrated and it gives you energy.
  • With that every steps, you stay active, physically too. And, remaining active is directly linked to more work into hips, legs and body rotation. It eventually helps to gain wider hips and firm buttocks for a good figure after all.
  • In other words, you get a much better posture. The appearance can always be enhanced with other things such as garments, choice of colors and dresses and much more. But, first, a healthy lifestyle is the main goal.
  1. Have Protein, Not Fat

You get a bigger butt; you have to flush out everything. Have protein, but not fat. This helps build muscles around the buttocks stronger without accumulating any fat. That will helps in a bigger butt without any exercises.

  • Early to bed and early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise.
  • Sleep enough for at least 6 to 7 hours.
  1. Thin Down your Waistline

The second process would be to think the other way round. One of the fastest ways of giving the impression that you have bigger buttocks is simply by clinching the waist.

  • There are so many types of waist pads that make your waistline look up to 2 inches thinner just like that. They work simply by pushing and rearranging the muscles around the waist.
  • Similarly, another option is to use a girdle to make your buttocks look bigger. This small waist would make your butt look wider and hips wider too. The overall appearance looks sexy in this style.
  • Using vertical strips and patterns make the appearance more prominent than using horizontal ones. These small changes are very useful and faster means to change the look making your butt seem bigger and curvier.
  1. Watch your Steps

Now coming back to the walking style. This is perhaps the biggest means to highlight a bigger butt. Consider the way you walk. You may or may not have heard about the catwalk, but this is a prominent way to enhance the look. It involves the arching of your back and pulling your shoulders. This instantly makes your butt seem firmer, curvier and bigger. In short, this makes everything seem more prominent.

To learn more about how to do a catwalk, consider the following steps in detail. Pay attention to the posture and walking style.

  • Keep yourself straight, stand straight up as you would in the attention position.
  • Although standing straight, don’t cramp your body. Keep it loose and don’t stiffen up to appear taller.
  • Arch your back and pull your shoulders. This would happen instantly as a reaction to the other.
  • Place one of your foot forward, and the other backward. Don’t stiffen up your shoulders, keep them loose too. Don’t appear nervous, but walk gently with a sway of your arms and hips.


The clothes you wear, the way you walk, the position and posture help make your buttocks bigger. It is a great way to do a fine trick without much exercise.