Making your own canvas prints is a wonderful way to decorate your personal space. Whether it is a small one or a big portrait or landscape, if you like DIY and also love art and craft lessons, this is surely one of them. All you need is some patience and guidance. We shall offer them here ranging from quite simple to really realistic ways.

One of the easiest ways to make canvas prints is to use an already printed photo and just paste it on the canvas. Let us see how to get it done beautifully.

  1. Collect the Supplies you will Need

Get some glue like Mod Podge. It can be a white or clear gel medium glue but in nice generous quantity. Get a big size brush to apply the glue. Get a photo/print that you want to print on the canvas.  And, finally get a canvas framed already. It must be blank. If the photo is exactly of the same size as the canvas frame, it is best. You can get some acrylic color to match the background of your photo too. All these are essential supplies to get the print you need. Also, if possible get a piece of canvas fabric from the store. A small one is fine. This shall be used to apply a texture on the print.

  1. Prepare the Canvas

Prepare the sides borders of the blank canvas with the acrylic paint. For example, if the photo has a sky blue background, get the same color and apply it to the thickness region of the canvas frame, not on the front side or rear. Now, you have to take the brush and pour a generous quantity of Mod Podge or your glue that you have got all over the blank front side of the canvas. Apply this with the brush and do it evenly. Be quick because the glue can dry soon.

  1. Fix the Printed Photograph

Once you’re done with the glue, place the photo in line with the canvas frame. If the canvas was bigger than the picture, you should have applied that acrylic on the front side too along the borders. Now, put the picture firmly. If required flip the frame over with the picture on the floor and canvas frame over it. Press it gently all over so that the picture has been glued evenly.

  1. Now, Prepare the Canvas Texture

Preparing natural texture over the print to make it look like painted on the canvas directly is an art. You have to start with the same glue that you used before. Now, pour the glue generously all over the printed picture. Yes, on the photograph. Now, quickly apply the glue with the brush. Apply it fast and evenly. This is a coating all over the photo that was pasted to the canvas fabric like an hour ago. Now, take the left canvas fabric and gently press and brush it over the glue. This shall leave some natural texture of the fabric on the print.

This looks now an original painting printed on canvas.