Major sports events are not complete if there’s no cheerleading squad to keep the spirit of audiences and players.

These talented ladies keep the entertainment going and uplifting the spirit of the home teamBesides their stunts and appearances, one of their most notable features is their colorful pom poms.

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Little facts about pom poms

A Pom Pom is a very colorful decorative ball made with shiny or fibrous materials. This tradition started way back in the 1930s and had seen reinventions in the mid-1960s. Cheerleaders use this material to attract attention, accentuate movements, and to spell out the team’s name. These materials are lightweight yet flashy, making it a staple for games even early on.

Why would you make your pom-poms?

You can buy pom poms from stores at $10 more or less. But with an even lesser amount, you can save more if you do it yourself. Of course, there’s no hurt in trying to make your pom-poms if you have time to do so. It’s even recommended to do it during one of your movie nights so you can relax and not get stressed at the same time. Want to chant along? Here’s how to make your pom-poms at home for cheap.

Seven steps to make a budget-friendly pom poms

Here are the things that you’ll need to create a budget-friendly pair of pom-poms:

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Plastic Tablecloth

Let’s get started!

  1. Choose your colors

First thing first, choose three different colors for your pom-poms. Take the color combination into consideration. You might want to follow the color theme of your home team to vocalize your support further. Now that you have specific colors get your plastic tablecloth at stores.

  1. Cut the plastic tablecloth into squares

Cut this tablecloth plastic into squares. Don’t combine the colors in the same pile. You should combine each square with their color groups. Take note: the size of the square affects the size of the pom-poms directly. If you want a bigger pair, you need to make bigger tablecloth plastic squares.

  1. Combine all squares into one pile (alternating colors)

It’s time to combine all the papers into one pile. Take note: put the colors alternatively, avoiding one color for duplication. This helps hugely in creating those colorful balls and strengthening its effect. Follow a pattern (for example, blue comes first, then red, then yellow, then blue again). Do this until all squares are in one pile.

  1. Tape the paper in the table

To hold the paper in place, use tape, and apply it to the middle. It should be stuck to the table, and it would serve as a marker for the top and bottom sides.

  1. Cut both the top and bottom sides to strips.

Make sure that both sides are equally cut to strips. It is better if the strips are very uniform with each other. Leave the middle part, where the tape has been holding down the table.

  1. Remove the tape and fold it carefully

Once both sides have uniform strips, the middle of the paper should be left as it is. Fold it like you would fold a paper fan (fold two strips to the left, fold one strip to the right). Do this until all you have is a bundle.

  1. Tape the middle part, separate all strands

Bring the tape back to the middle, and this will serve as a somewhat handle to the pom-poms. Finally, separate the strands from left to right. Make sure that no same colors would be on the same side each time.

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