If you know already that Google Maps can read aloud the directions so that you can focus on the road and listen and drive safely. 

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Make Google Maps Talk on iPhone

If you are using the iOS, that is, iPhone or previous generation’s iPads, then you can download the app from iTunes and install it in seconds.

  • First thing you can do is go to this official support page from Google and take a look at detailed steps.
  • Essentially, you need to be updated on the software, have your GPS turned on, and let Google Maps have access to your speakers.
  • In the bottom after you have entered the destination on the map, you can tap on ‘Directions’ and then there is the ‘Big Arrow’ mark to start the navigation.
  • If you want to stop the navigation, then tap on ‘Exit’.

Make Google Maps Talk on Android

On Android, this app works more seamlessly than on iOS. You can download the latest stable version on Android from this (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.maps&hl=en_IN) link.

  • The UI is very similar to what was described above in ‘Step 1’, and you can also add additional destinations if you check this link. You can set whether you are going by ‘Train’, ‘Bus’, ‘Car’ or ‘Walk’ so that it will give you the best routes and a real-time estimate of the time.
  • If more than one route is available, it will be shown in ‘Grey’ and you can choose between them. The highlighted route is in ‘Blue’ color.
  • To start you tap on the ‘Big Upward Arrow’ and tap on ‘Cancel’ to exit the navigation.

Make Google Maps Talk Louder

This is something that people would like when talking with Google Maps. If you wish to increase or decrease the volume, then you can do that via the app as well. Here is a link, after clicking on this link scroll down to ‘Hear Voice Directions’ and then ‘Change Volume Level’ parts to see the steps.

  • The settings on iPad and iPhone involves opening the ‘Settings’> ‘Sound & Haptics’> ‘Change with Buttons’.
  • Then, you go to ‘Menu’ (three horizontal bars icon), and ‘Settings’> ‘Navigation Settings’ and then choose whether you need it ‘Louder’, Normal or Softer.
  • In the same link, you can change to Android at the top (instead of iPhone) to see the instructions, which are almost the same.


  • Google Maps can be used to perform many other tasks for convenience, including step by step navigation.

In Google Maps, the map descriptions are often very accurate than other mapping systems out there for both iOS and Android.

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