you’re able and willing. Making images smaller is not only optimal for graphic designers, but also those who are just into computers and images as a hobby as well.

Changing Dimensions (Making Image Smaller)

The “Preview” app on your Mac is what you need to select. If you cannot see the “Markup” toolbar, click on the “Show Markup Toolbar” option – from here, you can click on the “Adjust Size” button to make your changes.

You can re-size your image by percentage if you’d like, which will allow you to cut it in half or size it however you would like. By selecting “Scale Proportionally”, you’ll make sure that the image isn’t going to be skewed or lose too much quality when you change the size.

If you want to ensure that the dimensions can be minimized without the loss of image detail, the “Resample Image” option is worth checking out. You can even re-size multiple images at once, so long as you’ve got all of those images open in the same window (you can select them within the sidebar of that window and use Tools -> Adjust Size).