One of the common complaints that you get to hear among Mac users is that even the maximum volume of the built-in speakers is too low.

This can be frustrating at timesOn the basis of the kind of audio that you want to amplify, here are few ways to get loud sound from the Mac speakers.

  1. iTunes Equalizer

When you try to listen to iTunes within a crowd of people or from across your room, the sound might not be enough. To ramp up the volume, use the iTunes equalizer. Drag up the slider marked Preamp completely. The ‘on’ box should also be checked. This is going to offer more powers to the speakers.

  1. VLC Player

Mac users generally use DVD Player or QuickTime to watch a video. However, the low sound can be quite a letdown. In such a case you should use VLC player. Pumping up the volume becomes easier with the playback controller. You will be surprised to know that you will be able to pump up the volume by 400%. Isn’t that great!

  1. Audio Hijack Pro

This is a great solution. There is a software Audio Hijack Pro that you can use for this purpose. It is a multi-purpose program which is capable of doing much more than just increasing the volume of Mac speakers. Whether it is a video chat, a YouTube video, or some song, this software can do the trick. All you have to do is download the software. The free mode is available for ten minutes at a time. To use the full mode, you will have to pay a fair amount of price. Here’s how you can increase the volume using the software.

  • There is +button at the lower left-hand corner for adding a preset.
  • Now, click on input. Choose the app that you are working on. However, it is better to choose System Audio. You will find this at the Source Type drop-down.
  • SoundFlower add-on can be installed for free for helping the software to reach the sound of the whole system.
  • Set the regular volume of the system to full.
  • Tap on the effects option on the software and drag the slider saying Gain fully to the right.

Finally, click on the hijack button and get an augmented volume. Leave the software open so that loud sound is effective. Quit this program for stopping it.

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