We have always wondered about the mummy in the pyramid.

Ancient Egypt brought us fascinating cultural customs when we were kids and the most popular one was keeping the mummyBy reading this post you will learn the steps to form the mummy that would look almost realCreating mummy is a fun project for kids and it can warm up the imagination of the kidsHere are steps you can follow.

  1. Take a Doll, the Doll that Kids Play with

We always wondered as a kid how they were kept and how they stayed in the pyramid and when you are given a chance to make a mummy for a school projects you might wonder how to do so. It meant that whenever any king or queen died, they were not buried or burnt rather they were kept in the box.

  • First, cut her hairs off, make sure to clear her head. Make sure that the dolls are well-built and they must be good.
  • You can use any doll but it would be good using the doll which is one of the bases used in doll making. Such dolls are already bald and are of good size. You can find them at any crafts store.
  1. Prepare the Ingredients

In the next step, take one cup flour and add four cups of water plus one cup of glue mix everything into a large mixing bowl.

  • Convert it into a thin paste.
  • Now take a cloth that is thin and white or a plain white paper, cut it into half inch wide by twelve-inch-long strips.
  1. Prepare the Solution

Now, take one strip from the whole group and then dip it into the mixture. Make sure that it thoroughly covered in the solution.

  • Then, wrap the strip around the feet of the doll.
  • Keep repeating the procedure until your whole doll is covered in a thin layer of strips.
  • Let your doll dry for at least an hour.
  1. Dry the Doll

  • After an hour, take a look at your doll and make sure if she has dried or not.
  • Now, repeat the procedure three times that we learned in step 3.
  • Make sure to give your doll ample time to dry after every layer.
  • Don’t keep wrapping the doll with the next layer if the previous layer is still wet. Let the layer dry then wrap again.
  1. It is Ready Now

Now, as your doll get ready for bedtime.

  • Take foam and cut a rectangle piece from it. The rectangle piece should be larger than the doll. Take brown paint to color the foam.
  • Cover the foam with brown paint and then let it dry. Take your doll, make sure it is dry, and then stick it to the brown foam.
  • Your mummy is ready to be placed in the pyramid of Egypt.
  1. Prepare a Report for the Mummy Project

Use all the information; you can prepare the report for the mummy project. Preserving the human body with an artificial method is known as Mummification. Ancient Egyptians preserved their body by using an expensive method because they believed that you use their body in their afterlife.

  • Afterlife means when they would die, then they would travel into a new world to start their new life. They believed that they would need most of the things that they used, so their family would keep their important belongings with them.
  • But only rich people could get turned into a mummy and preserved for their afterlife, the poor people were just buried in the sand.
  • The actual process of preserving the body was of 70 days. In the process, every organ from the body would be removed except the heart. The Egyptians believed that the heart was the center of intelligence and emotions.
  • The body stuffed with linen and sawdust and it was covered with Natron. Natron is a natural salt which is composed of sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate including sodium sulfate and sodium chloride.
  • The body was wrapped in a sheet which is called a shroud. These steps seventy days because the human body is not that easy to preserve, there is time duration for every step. Like, when the body is filled with stuffing, it is removed after 40 days to 50 days and then linen is stuffed.


You can create a pyramid for your mummy if you want to make it look more real. Pyramid will be easy to make. You can use thermocol or cardboard to make one. You will need strong cardboard for the base. Now, you will need to form a Pyramid shape with it.

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