Many girls and boys face a pimple or acne problems as soon as teenage years start. This also pertains to oily skin and those who have such a skin type usually are more prone to this problem. 

Here are five effective ways that one can reduce pimple swelling that is often painful:

  1. Use a Warm or Cold Compress on the Affected Area

This is one way of reducing pimple swelling, especially if the swollen area is red and painful. This can be done either by using a warm compress or a cold one. Both ways the blood circulation is increased to the acne affected area which in turn steps up the healing process.

  1. Application of Salicylic Acid, Cortisone and Benzoyl Peroxide

These three products are known to help fight bacteria that usually cause such skin problems. These products are obtained at local pharmacy stores and should be applied in right proportions to help customers gain relief. One should start with a drop of salicylic acid added to a cotton swab on top of which benzoyl peroxide is added in a small amount. This should be dabbed over the affected area and allowed to work on the inflammation.

  1. Application of Tea Tree Oil

This is another effective treatment that is natural as well. Tea tree oil is known to have antibacterial properties. However, since it is an essential oil it should be used in small proportions. Two to three drops added on a cotton swab can be dabbed on the affected area. This done daily will help to reduce pimples considerably.

  1. Aspirin Paste Application

This is another remedy that one can try at home to reduce swelling and pain associated with pimples. Two or three aspirin tablets crushed and made a paste with a few drops of water will help to reduce acne swelling. The paste should be applied on the acne directly and allowed to work on the affected area for 15 to 20 min. 

  1. Seek a Retinoid Prescription from a Dermatologist

Retinoid creams, liquid or gel products are known to work on pimples. However, the concentration of the same and skin combination or type also plays a factor in these cases. Hence it is best to refer to a skin doctor in order to know which product would be right for you.

The above solutions will surely prove effective in reducing pimple inflammations.