Just using some scraped items in your home your kid can make a nice good looking robot toy. What you need is just a few things from your kitchen or dressing table like used plastic cases and stuff. Hand it over to them and teach them to make a nice robot DIY way. It is simple and fun.

  1. Get the Resources

Here is a list of items that you will need to start this lesson. First get some plastic case like a bucket or a tumbler, May be a cereal box or tiffin box. Anything that is like a cube or cuboids works great. Second, you will need the caps of two pet bottles. You will definitely need some glue to stick things together. To be able to make them run and crawl, you will need to motors. If you do not know, ask your parents. These are very cheap and inexpensive things that you can get for less than a dollar. You will need tape to fix them on a surface like plastic here. Double-Sided foam tape is a great option here. Then, you will need AA size batteries for sure. A couple of them from Duracell would be great. You can also use a small switch to turn the power on and off. A few wires are that conduct electricity. A meter in length is just fine. Then, you need wheels that the robot can run on. For the long run, you can also use 9V batteries. These are the blue and white ones on Amazon. Alternatively, you can buy a complete kit on Amazon for a DIY robot too.

  1. Start with the Manual or Follow the Below Steps

  • The first thing is to take the glue and paste the two caps of bottles on the plastic box. These are the eyes of your robot. You can think of the face of the robot on any side and do that. The right and left side will have the wheels.
  • The wheels will need two holes on the right side to run. In a simple case, you can simply stick them all on the sides. So, first take the motors and stick a wheel to the rotating rod, each motor.
  • Every motor comes with two wires. Place your wires one on the + and – sign of your battery each, and you can see the wheel turning. This means your robot is ready to run or crawl now.
  • The next thing is to stick the motors with the help of double sided foam tapes on the surface of the plastic case. The right and left sides must be flat for them to stick properly. You can put a layer of tape too, but it can come in way of the wheels, so double-sided foam tape is better.
  • The next thing is to use the switch. The switch comes with two holes, to connect two wires. The motors usually have two colors of wires. Lets us take, they are red and yellow. So, ask help of your parents or just try to join the two wires together. The red with red of the other and the yellow of both motor together. This means when you connect the red to + and yellow to -, both the motors will turn together.
  1. Optional Switch

These two wires can be connected to the battery when you want it to move. Use the foam tape to stick the battery on the plastic case too. Connect the red and yellow wires to the switch, one at each end. When you turn on the switch, the robot moves now.