If you are worried about your big shoes and don’t wish to buy another one. Here comes the best idea to make the perfect outfit for any special day. This is the finest guide for knowing all the fantastic tricks that you might have missed out on.

Can a Cobbler Make Shoes Smaller? 

Not able to wear your favorite shoes because of the higher size? Let us see what the heroes can do to fix up your mood. A cobbler is the one who mends the shoes in case of any repair. Of course, there exist certain hacks at his disposal to cope up with the situation. Listed below are some.

  • A cobbler can fit the insoles to adjust the shoes for your requirement. He can fix up the leather soles as they are worn out so quickly and can replace them with rubber soles.
  • Sometimes an efficient cobbler can rework on your expensive shoe to reduce the width of the same with precise stitches at sides. This will probably shrink shoes.

Insoles to Make Shoes Smaller 

The best insole offers you the pleasure of having the shoe on the leg. If you are on a motive to rework on the sandals, shoes, and flats. There are a couple of options that are the best in the market.

  • Genuine leather half insoles.
  • Heel liners.
  • Gel ball acting as foot cushions.
  • Full-sized insoles for shoes.

How to Make Small Shoes Fit?

It is always best to try and confirm whether the shoes you buy are perfect for your size. Having shoes of the wrong size can always be disgusting to a greater extent. Here are some methods that you may try to deal with if your shoes are smaller.

  • Try wearing some thick socks to stretch it to an extent. Sometimes investing time for a wooden stretcher can also work wonders. All you need to do is to take the shoes to a repair shop.
  • Try the shoes stretching spray. It is easy to procure the item from any hardware shop nearby you. Any professional repair center will have a shoe stretching machine that would possibly help you to deal with the problem.

Shoe Filler for Shoes that are Too Big

Shoe fillers are to fill the space for tightening the shoes so that it won’t get out of the person’s leg.

  • Shoolex shoe fillers are in different sizes and ranges to help you deal with the mismatching shoe sizes. The washable and reusable nature of the product makes it more user-friendly.
  • Heightening shoe insoles are made up of superior materials and antimicrobial fabric that not only give comfort but also provide height. Future cases of irritation or infection are also uprooted.
  • There are also memory foam fits that will work wonders. Once worn the feet sinks into the shoe without causing much pressure on the foot.

Wearing One Size Bigger Shoes

Wearing one size bigger shoes is a personal choice. However, certain facts help to proceed with the decision.

  • For a long time, if you prefer the shoes of the wrong size, the toe fingers will get adjusted in such a way to hold the shoes that put additional pressure on your fingers.
  • While climbing the steps, there are chances of the shoes to come out from the feet and cause slips.


  • A perfect sized shoe will create wonders in the overall outlook and health of a person.
  • Proper measurement of the feet size, the size of the material, and the purpose will help to decide on purchasing shoes.