Slingshots are a versatile device which is being used through years for various things. Starting from targeting pieces to hunting small game, they are used widely. You get manufactured in the market but these are easy to make at home because it only requires few materials. Here’s how you can make a slingshot using these easy steps.

  1. Prepare the Wood

Firstly, you will have to get a frame. So, head to the local woods and search for a branch that fork into a good Y shape. Make sure that you get a hardwood branch which is at least 8 inches long and as large as the thumb. Now, it is important to remove the moisture from the wood. Wet woods frames tend to bend when you pull and this robs the slingshot of the energy. To dry the wood you can put it in a safe place, cover it up for protection from rain, and allow it to sit for a waiting. If that is a lot, you can dry it next to a campfire. A stove can also work pretty well. Place it close to the source and allow it to dry. The third method is to wrap it in a towel and microwave it for thirty seconds. This is the fastest method.

  1. Make the Branch into a Frame

The next step is to trim the branch. From the center of the fork, the handle needs to 4 inches long and each fork has to be 4 inches long. To make the ends smooth use a saw rather than breaking the wood. Around a quarter of an inch downwards towards the top portion of the fork ends, use a knife for creating a V-shape like notch around the wooden frame. This keeps the bands in place.

  1. Prepare the Band

You need to pieces elastic having the same length. To measure the length, take the help of the frame. Cut it as long as the frame. Short bands will augment the power behind the shot but it needs more force for pulling and this can break the frame. The two bands have to be of the same length.

  1. Make the Pouch

Use leather or strong cloth for preparing the band. Now, cut them in octagonal, rectangular, or oval shape. It has to be several inches wide and just one inch tall. If you trim the rectangle ends to get an octagon is going to help pouch cup the ammunition relatively better. Slit or cut a whole around a quarter inch from the pouch on each side. This way you will be able to attach the band to the pouch.

  1. Put them all Together

Take one band and wrap them around the frame’s notch and tie the band to itself tightly. Repeat the same with the other side. Follow the same step with the pouch. Bring the band through the slit, double back, and tie the band to itself. Follow the same with the other band. Congrats! You have your slingshot.