Everyone faces the age-old problem of Vending Machines stealing cash and not giving anything back in return. Even though they may act as a blessing on a hot afternoon or a hungry, empty stomach, this does not stop us from earning some free cash.

  1. Don’t Pay Cash

The old coin and string trick does not work? No problem, here comes a new trick with the same genesis but with a better success rate than the trick mentioned before. For this one needs some basic requirements.

  • All you need to have is paper cash, a bit of packing tape and a bit of luck. Similar to the coin trick, put the cash into the machine.
  • As the machine registers the note, pluck it out with the help of the tape and voila! Here comes a free drink or snack.
  1. Old Code Machines

For the lucky souls with an old analogical vending machine in town, the hack actually spews out money when the following instructions are followed. It may come in handy when you need some spare change.

  • For free money out of vending machines, one has to go no further than the keypad of the machine.
  • In order to carry out the hack, it is necessary that the machine be one of those old soda dispensing ones.
  • If you locate such a machine, put in the code, 432112311 in the keypad and subsequently press the lever and keep doing so until the familiar clink of the coins falling is heard.
  • Get these coins and enjoy the bliss.
  1. Fake the Cash

To bored of paying for gumballs or parking kiosks. One only needs to have some crafting skills and some origami are and a bit of luck.

  • Instead of putting in the coin for paying, make a realistic copy of the coin. However, you need to be extremely lucky for this trick to be pulled off.
  • Along with luck, you need crafting skills to make an identical copy of the coin and the machine needs to be really old so that it may not recognize the exact contours of the coin.
  1. Hack a Machine

We all see those coke machines and think that they do charge a lot for a bit of soda so in order to save some cash and get a free drink. This hack may be of appropriate nature and will help you get some free cash.

  • Primarily make sure that the machine which you attack has an LED display and it should be of a scrolling format or else it may not work. Also if it simply displays the price, the hack is of no use.
  • Try and figure the method of data entry into the machine which may generally include a keypad with buttons in the middle comprising with two rows and three columns in horizontal and vertical order respectively.
  • For the debugging process, enter the code 4321 or if the case is of two rows, enter 54321 in the keypad to set it into the debug mode.
  • If the sequence is entered is accordingly, the screen will show an ERROR message. If it does not, it means that the hack did not work and hence it is time to move onto a next machine. Else you get full control over the machine.
  1. Two for One

Vending machines may seem expensive but you have an easy way out of it. Make it pay you two for the price of one.

  • First, look out for a machine that also operates with sensors on its vending gate. This is the primary requirement of the hack.
  • Now, insert the cash as one normally would in order to get a drink. Make your choice and act like the usual customer. The trick takes place in the next step.
  • Instead of waiting for the item to fall down, hold up the gate so that it falls onto it. Do so before it dispenses the goodies.
  • As it rests on the back the machine is forced into thinking that nothing fell out and so if you wait long enough, it may provide you with a free snack, saving you some money.


  • Make sure that you carry out all these trick in a bus market place or a bustling public place so that the said crime goes unnoticed.

Also, there is no guarantee that all the hacks work always and hence you may experience disappointment. Don’t worry and keep trying.