Wallpaper is going to beautify your home with no doubts. You can use different types of wallpaper to embellish your home. No matter, what kind of wallpaper you are going to use in your home, but you need to have the wallpaper paste to stick your wallpaper – right?

All you need to do is to go behind all the five steps to prepare the wallpaper paste in a short span of time.

  1. Measuring the Water

Water is going to play a vital role in preparing the wallpaper paste. Yes, you cannot able to prepare the wallpaper paste without having water. Let us discuss about how much water is needed and how you should measure the water.

  • Ahead measuring the water, you need to determine how many cups of wallpaper paste you need. If you need 10 cups of wallpaper paste, then you need to measure the cold water.
  • You should measure and add 10 parts of cold water in a large stockpot. Besides water, you will also need one cup of starch in the measuring cup.
  • Once the measurement of water and starch is done, you need to set the large stock pot on the stove head, but do not turn on the heat.
  1. The Process of Making the Wallpaper Paste

The ingredients matters, but it is not only the case to prepare the best wallpaper paste. You need to make the wallpaper paste carefully with these ingredients. Even though you have ingredients ready to make the wallpaper paste, but you should know how to add the ingredients to prepare the wallpaper paste.

  • Now, you need to add the small quantity of starch into the cold water little by little. You need to keep adding the quantity of starch little by little on one hand and on the other hand, you should constantly keep stirring the mix of cold water and starch using the wooden spatula.
  • If you did not stir properly, then you can see the bumps in the wallpaper paste. If there are bumps, then the wallpaper paste would not be smooth to use.
  • For quick preparation, you can set the stove’s heat to a medium level.
  1. Keep Stirring

Stirring is an important activity in the making of the wallpaper paste. You need to keep stirring the wallpaper paste for the smooth outcome.

  • If you want to have the wallpaper paste with no air bubbles or bumps, then you need to stir well.
  • You are asked to stir the starch and cold water mix to break down the lumps on the bottom. If you keep stirring, the bottom will not get stuck.
  • You need to stir the mix every 5 minutes.
  1. Check the Thickness of the Wallpaper Paste

You all might have known the texture of the wallpaper paste. The wallpaper paste has to be thick enough, so that, you can use it with no hesitations. If the wallpaper paste is watery, then it will spill on the floor when you attempt to use it for hanging the wallpaper.

  • You need to scrape the bottom of the pot for checking the thickness of the wallpaper paste. If you find lumps at the bottom, then set the heat to the lower level and stir in a quick fashion.
  • You need to stir and take some amount of wallpaper paste on the spatula and seep the paste down to the pot from the spatula. This will let you know how thick the wallpaper paste is.
  1. Cool the Paste

Once the wallpaper paste is thick enough for usage, then you need to turn off the stove and take the pot off the stove.

  • Even after turning off the stove and took the pot out from the stove, you need to stir the pot for some minutes until the bottom of the pot is cool.
  • The consistency of the wallpaper paste is important.

Rather than buying the wallpaper paste from the store, why do not you make it on your own? Of course, you can do it with the mentioned steps.


If the wallpaper paste is lumpy, then mix the paste in a blender or food processor. Do the same even if the starch over thickens.

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