Tinder is a location-based mobile app, mostly used as a dating site. On Tinder, you can chat with others and also like or dislike other users. Here are different ways to message a girl on Tinder.

Message a Girl on Tinder Reddit

Of course, if it is the first time you are going to message a girl on Tinder, you may not know how to begin with. The following points will help you begin a conversation with a girl on Tinder.

  • Open ‘Tinder’ – https://tinder.com/ on your device and make a match for you.
  • Start a conversation with an impressive line, so that the girl would like to continue the conversation with you.
  • Then, compliment her like ‘Your profile was so impressive and stunning, you look very hot or something likes that’.
  • Let her know that you have read her profile by saying something like, so you are a writer or you have said in your bio that you like hiking.
  • Make her feel like she is important to you by saying some relating lines to her. This can help you get close to her. Then, continue your chatting by asking some questions or about her likes and dislikes.

Message a Girl on Tinder without Matching

Actually, you can chat with someone on Tinder if you like their profile picture and they liked yours. This is just to prevent the Tinder users from being harassed. However, still, you can message a girl on Tinder without being matched.

  • Open ‘Tinder’ app on your device and right-click on their ‘Tinder Photos’. You will see a ‘Pop-Up’ menu.
  • Copy the URL or website address of the chosen photo to your clipboard.
  • Go to ‘Google’ reverse ‘Image Search’ and click on the ‘Camera’ icon to start searching by image.
  • Paste the website address on the text field of the Google image search and click the ‘Search by Image’ button.
  • You will get details about the person’s other social networks where they have exactly the same profile picture.
  • You can visit any one of their social networks and start a conversation with them. While talking with her, you can say that you saw her on Tinder.

Message a Girl on Tinder without Bio

Usually, men make matches on Tinder by seeing the profile pictures of the girls. If you cannot see anything in the place of the profile picture, what you do. Still, you can begin a conversation with her by taking help from the following points.

  • Open your ‘Tinder’ app and choose the contact you want to chat.
  • Of course, you do not know how she looks or how old she is. Therefore, start a conversation generally by saying ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’.
  • Then, if you get a reply from her, ask something interesting or something that get you a reply. Do not ask questions like how your day is going, how are you, did you eat or something like that, as these questions would be very boring and you would not get replies for most of these.
  • Ask what is something interesting or peculiar about you. Make sure to get a reply from her for whatever questions you ask.


  • If you have friends who used to chat with girls on Tinder, you can ask tips from them like how to begin, how to make it interesting, and more.

Make sure to impress her with you opening dating message.

How do you start a conversation with a girl on tinder?

This is how to start a conversation on Tinder: The best dating app openers
  1. Don’t just say “Heyyy” You need to grab the other person’s attention.
  2. Start with a compliment.
  3. Don’t wait for the other person to message, make the first move.
  4. Get the convo going by evoking some sort of emotion.

How do you start a conversation on tinder?

8 Ways To Set Your Tinder Conversation Up For Success
  1. Address them by name.
  2. Ask a question about something in their profile.
  3. Send a GIF.
  4. Give a compliment.
  5. Ask them about themselves.
  6. Ask what they’re looking for.
  7. Follow every answer with another question.
  8. Send messages when they’ll be able to respond.

How do I send someone a private message on tinder?

On the left side of the screen, you should see a list of everyone you’re matched with on Tinder. Select the profile of the person you want to chat with. Along the bottom of the screen, select the text field that says Type a message. Type your message and select Send.

What is the number 1 dating app?

Tinder. Whether you’re looking for a hookup or an LTR (long-term relationship), Tinder has you covered. It’s basically the first stop for those entering the dating world. If you want to play the odds when it comes to online dating, you probably need to be swiping where everyone’s swiping.

Is tinder just for hookups?

There is some confusion about what Tinder is even for. Is it for serious dating, or just for casual hook ups? The short answer is both: You can use Tinder for a variety of reasons, varying from making friends to something casual to dating with the intention of finding your forever person.

Is there a 100% free dating app?

ClickDate is 100 Percent Free Dating Sites!

We realize that you’re looking for a serious relationship… and so is your partner-to-be. Therefore, ClickDate is your answer to find your perfect date. Give it a try today. Especially compared with other dating sites, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Is Bumble or tinder better?

Most users turn to Tinder and Bumble for different experiences. They say, when it comes down to it, Tinder is for hookups and Bumble is for dating. Still, people love the simplicity of Tinder while some prefer Bumble’s female-first approach. Bumble has a much more welcoming feel than its dating app counterparts.

Is eDate legit?

Is eDate legit? eDate is a legit dating site. eDates is run by Matel Social Enterprises.

Are hookup sites legal?

Musquiz says that among consenting adults, there is absolutely nothing wrong with engaging in hook-ups, whether it is through the internet or by picking someone up in a bar, book store or bath house. Hook-ups — having sexual encounters — are not illegal, as long as they’re not in a public place.

Does anyone still use tinder?

So yes people still use tinder in 2020 and they will be happening to use it till it is available on the play store and app store.

Why Tinder is a waste of time?

People who use Tinder to find casual relationship or longlasting love could be barking up the wrong tree. Scientists have claimed that the dating app is a ‘waste of time‘ for most people. They found that men and women who found it easy to have one-night-stands in the real world were also able to use Tinder to arrange hook-ups.

Why is tinder so hard for guys?

Most common reasons are the poor quality of conversations or too much focus on physical attractiveness and not on personality. Tinder sucks most for average guys since men outnumber female users 2:1 and because women are much more selective than men.

Is being on tinder desperate?

Using Tinder does not automatically make you desperate. I’d say that it depends on the mindset that you’re using it with. If you’re on Tinder 24/7, swiping right on every woman, and you’re using Tinder just to get a date (regardless of who it is), that would probably pass as desperation.