Mac’s newest version has introduced methods through which you will be able to resize your windows. This is the Lion version. Prior to this, you had to resize images by clicking on the green light that appears on the upper left corner of the window or just by dragging it down. This was okay till you had to combine resizing and moving the window around to get organize it your way.

Here are the steps to resize windows in Mac.

  1. Resizing Windows

Move the cursor to one side of the window. When it comes close to the edge, it is going to change to an arrow with double-end. Click on this and drag for resizing. Resizing tends to work on the window corners too. It will enable you to resize into 2 directions simultaneously by dragging the window corners diagonally.

  1. Resizing Every Side of a Window

A great new trick is resizing the windows simultaneously. This is going to keep your window at the center of the current location. However, it will enable you to decrease or increase the size of the window by shrinking or expanding the sides at the same time. For performing this trick, hold the option button and click and drag one corner of the window.

  1. Resizing Opposite Sides of the Window

The trick of the option key is also going to work if you just click and then drag the window to top and bottom or to the sides. Hold the options button and then click and drag either side of the window. The window is going to be center as the opposite sides contract or enlarge in regards to the movement that you are making.

Now that you know all about resizing, it will be easier to shuffle between many windows.

How do I reduce the size of my Windows on a Mac?

To change the size of a window, follow these steps:
  1. Move the pointer over the resize corner in the bottom-right corner of the window.
  2. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse. The window grows or shrinks as you drag the mouse.
  3. Release the left mouse button when you’re happy with the new size of the window.

How do I maximize a window in Mac?

Maximise a window: Press and hold the Option key while you click the green maximise button in the top-left corner of an app window. To return to the previous window size, Option-click the button again.

How do you minimize all windows on a Mac quickly?

To minimize all windows of the front app, press Option-Command-M.

How do you resize a window with the keyboard on a Mac?

1. Hold down the Option key while resizing a window: This will resize the window equally on both sides. 2. Hold down the Shift key while resizing a window: This will resize the window proportionally.

How do you save a Windows position on a Mac?

How do you zoom out on a Macbook?

The quickest way to zoom on a particular window (such as your web browser) on a Mac is to press the Command key and + (plus) to zoom in, or – (minus) to zoom out.

Why is my Mac display zoomed in?

According to users, sometimes your MacBook screen can become zoomed in due to your display resolution. This is a minor problem and you can fix it simply by adjusting your resolution. Now head over to the Displays section and click on Display. Select Scaled and choose a different resolution.

How do you enlarge the zoom on a Mac?

On your Mac, use the Zoom pane of Accessibility preferences to make the entire screen larger or to enlarge just the area where the pointer is located. To change these preferences, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Accessibility, then click Zoom. Use the listed shortcuts to zoom in or out.

How do I zoom out on a laptop?

To zoom in and out with a keyboard shortcut, hold CTRL and press the + key to zoom in. 3. Hold CTRL and the – key to zoom out.