There are indeed many different models of the wine bottle opening. However, the one recommended by professionals is the sommelier corkscrew. However, we will also talk about other methods in this tutorial.

1. How to Open a Wine Bottle with a Corkscrew

  • To proceed to the opening, place the bottle vertically on the table, and never hold it in your hands.
  • Use the corkscrew blade to cut the capsule. Do it under the ring of the bottle (the part of the glass that sticks out). Then, remove the top of the capsule by inserting the blade into this cut.
  • Avoid tearing the capsule or cutting it over the ring. Otherwise, during the service, the wine could drip, picking up any chemical element present in the capsule.
  • Now, place the tip of the corkscrew in the center of the cork and vertically, rotate it, and insert it halfway. Remember that you must always turn the corkscrew, not the bottle. The wine bottle must remain in the same position.
  • Place the first notch of the corkscrew on the neck of the bottle. Then, pry the cap halfway. Then, continue to rotate the corkscrew, avoiding piercing the entire cork to prevent the risk of dust falling into the wine.
  • Finally, use the second sample on the lever to remove the cork completely. Gently pull on the end with your hands if necessary.
  • The wine is ready to serve. However, it is advisable to wipe the neck of the bottle with a cloth before tasting it. This is to remove any remains that exist on the cork or the capsule.

2. How to Open a Wine Bottle with a Spoon

It is one of the best known and most common methods. Although, in reality, it is more than opening the bottle, what you get is to remove the wine. So, you must be careful. To do this, hit the cork with the end of the handle. It will make the cork fall into the bottle.

3. How to Open a Wine Bottle with a Knife

You can use a fine and sharp knife as well. The sharper, the better. Put the tip between the cork and the edge of the neck of the bottle. When you hit it a little, pry it off. It will cause the cork to come out. Repeat on the other side, and you will remove it completely.

4. How to Open a Wine Bottle with a Rag

It is another good way to open a bottle of wine that is very effective but unknown. To do this, surround the bottom of the bottle with a dish towel that you have folded into several parts.

This way, it has excellent cushioning on the bottom. Hit that part against the wall. The bottle must be horizontal to the ground. Do it several times, and the plug will come out little by little. Be careful not to break the bottle.

5. How to Open a Wine Bottle with a Shoe

It is a technique similar to that of the kitchen towel. It is probably the most brutal method! Roll the bottle into a towel. Then, put the bottom of it in the shoe. Look for a wall or use the floor and tap the shoe and wine against it. It must be calm but strong so that the cork is pressed out of the bottleneck.

If you are afraid of damaging the wall or the floor, you can only open the wine bottle with the help of a shoe and without a wall. To do this, simply sit down on a chair and clamp the wine bottle upside down between your thighs. Now, hit the bottom of the shoe evenly on the bottom of the bottle until the cork has slipped out far enough that you can remove it by hand.

6. How to Open a Wine Bottle with a Wire Hanger

The easiest way to open a wine bottle with a wire hanger. To do this, you must bend the handle of the hanger. Then, you twist a small piece at the end of the wire to the hook. The converted handle is pushed past the cork until you can turn the hook to the middle of the bottle, i.e., under the cork. Now, carefully pull the cork upwards.

Place the key at an angle on the cork. Then, press gently on it and turn it so that the comb slowly drills into the cork. Then the cork can be carefully removed as with the corkscrew.

8. How to Open a Wine Bottle with Nails

Three to four nails should be enough to open the artisan-style wine bottle. Knock the nails in a triangle or square into the cork. Then, you carefully pull them out of the bottleneck together with the cork using a claw hammer or pliers.

If you don’t have a claw hammer or pliers at home, the cork can also be removed with two nails and a work glove. To do this, push in the two nails diagonally left and right on the cork side and then unscrew them with protective gloves.

9. How to Open a Wine Bottle with Screw

Grab a screwdriver and screw. The mechanics are similar to those of a corkscrew. Now, simply screw the screw into the cork with a screwdriver. After that, you must slowly unscrew the cork with a pair of pliers. If you don’t have one, you can also use a fork.

10. How to Open a Wine Bottle with Lighter

To not burn your fingers, it’s best to use a stick lighter for this method. With this, you burn around the neck of the bottle for about a minute. This action warms the air between the wine and the cork. The air expands due to the heat, and the cork is pushed upwards.

11. How to Open a Wine Bottle with a Bicycle pump

This trick is just awesome because you can open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew in no time! Well, you need a bicycle pump/floor pump for that. For this method, simply push the pointed end of the pump into the cork and slowly start pumping. Due to the pressure that is created in the bottle, the cork may jump towards you. So, be careful

How do you open a wine bottle easily?

Insert the “worm” (aka corkscrew) into the center of your cork and twist in a clockwise motion until you the corkscrew is fully inserted in the cork. Rest the shorter notch on the lever (that’s the metal arm!) on the lip of the wine bottle, then pull up the handle to bring the cork out of the bottle.

How do you get a cork out of a wine bottle?

You’ll need 1-2 thick towels or blankets.
  1. Wrap the bottom of the bottle with towels or fabrics.
  2. Gently thump the bottom of the bottle against the wall.
  3. Repeat (being careful not to break the bottle) until the cork is nearly out.
  4. Remove the cork with your hand.

Can you open a wine bottle with a key?

Open Wine Bottle With a Key

Insert a key, preferably one you have extra copies of, at a 45 degree angle into the cork until most of it is inserted into the cork. Then begin twisting the cork up as pushing up with the key until you get the cork out. Be careful because a weak key has a possibility of breaking.

How do you open a bottle with anything?

Brace your index finger against the glass, creating a U-shaped bridge with your finger—this is going to be your fulcrum. Think of it like the middle of a seesaw. Next, take the lighter. Solidify your grip around it, leaving about 25 percent of the plastic end visible.

How do you open a bottle with a spoon?

Grab your spoon by pinching the curved between your thumb and pointer finger. Get the lip of the spoon under the cap and slowly pry it off using your thumb or finger wrapped around the bottle as a leverage point. If it doesn’t pop right off, slowly make your way around the cap and it should come off easily.

How do you open a bottle with your hands?

How do you open a bottle with a cell phone?

Turn the phone upside down and wedge the top rim under the fringe of the bottle cap. Brace the phone using the hand holding the bottle, then push up on the cap with all your strength. The cap should come off.

How do you open a bottle with a coin?

How do you open a bottle with a Clipper lighter?

Let there be lighter:

Insert the bottom of the lighter between your index finger and the bottle cap. Press down on your lighter using your knuckle as support. You don’t need to pry. With the right lever action it will pop right off.

How do you open a bottle with a knife?

How do you open a bottle with a dollar bill?

How do you open a Bic lighter?

Is there a way to refill a Bic lighter?

Insert the wire or straightened paper clip under the fork to keep it open. Refill the lighter with butane. To do this insert the butane can nozzle on the open fork and press until the lighter is refilled. Once the lighter is refilled you will want to pull the paper clip or wire out to close the fork.

What does BIC stand for on a lighter?

CORPORATE. WHAT DOES BIC STAND FOR? “BIC” is actually a shortened version of founder Marcel Bich’s last name.

Why are Bic lighters so good?

Body – The body is made of Delrin®, an engineering plastic which is stronger than steel, more maleable than aluminum, and more resistant to chemicals than gold or silver. Every BIC® flint lighter always has a bright red thumb press, for good reason!

Are Bic lighters best?

Simply Put – Bic lighters are easy to use and available almost everywhere. There is a reason why the classic Bic disposable design has withstood the test of time. There’s a simple elegance to the basic lighters, and Bic has earned its reputation as a reliable buy.