Many people find it hard, opening an Otterbox and installing it on their phones. This is due to the added protection layer with unquestionable durability. However, if you are unfamiliar with the process, here is a step-by-step guide.

1. Firstly, begin by taking the Snap-On holster off through unlocking the huge tab on the side.

2. Once you are done with this, remove the rubber shell. Begin by unclipping the speaker and charger ports then remove the rubber shell with care.

  • It’s always advisable to start from the corner then push the rubber away from the edge to get rid of any tears from taking place.

3. After that, release one tension clips. Use one of your fingers to pop it. Carefully keep on releasing the tension clips until the two clips separate.

  • NEVER force the two to separate as this can destroy the tension clips. Immediately you are through, insert your phone on the case then begin assembling the phone’s case again.

How to Open an Otterbox Defender IPad Case

Otterbox iPhone Defender cases give an amazingly high level of protection to your expensive iPhone. IPhone otterbox cases have three levels of protection: a rubber shell wrapping around the plastic shell, a hard plastic shell meant to warp around the phone’s body, and a screen cover.  Here’s the procedure:

  • Start by removing the Snap-On cover trough pulling any of the corner tabs.
  • After that, please take off the rubber shell by pushing it off of one of the corners. After that, go on your way around the iPad until you remove the rubber shell completely. Make sure you’re carefully removing the shell from the iPad’s ports as you can easily tear the rubber covers.
  • Turn over the iPad to look at its back since you’ll be removing the phone’s panels from the backside of the case.
  • With that done, slide the dock panel on the bottom half. Its panel slides off approximately one inch beneath the Apple logo. Then pull up the circle that surrounds the Apple symbol. The circle is the handle that maintains the two parts of the case together.
  • As you pull the circle up, be sure to remove the top half of the case away from the iPad. The case is divided into two halves. Therefore, pulling the circle up will release the top half, giving you an easy time to remove it.
  • Finally, remove the iPad from the bottom half of the case. If you want to store the two pieces, ensure you connect them.

How to Open Otterbox Defender iPhone 11

Immediately you unbox the otterbox, you’ll get it readily assembled. So you’ll just set it apart (or open it). The defender has three sections: two interlocking inner frames and a flexible outer shell made of rubber.

1. Start by removing the outer shell. This requires peeling off the edges to receive the frame below. Also, there’s a seam running along the edge of the screen.

2. Using a thin object or your fingernail, pry the outer layer. Ensure you begin from the bottom and work your way to the top.

  • When you can’t get an appropriate tool for this, then lift away the rubber cap on the lightening port then use it for pulling the outer shell. Do this until it separates from the inner case.

3. After you’ve removed the outer layer, ensure you separate two halves of the inner shell. On the edges, you’ll get a range series of notches and clips holding the two.

4. Starting with the side, make sure you unclip the latches then pry each catch apart. Do this all around the edges until the upper layer comes away.