Parenting can be pretty technical at times. Navigating your way towards the opening and folding the Graco Stroller can be tricky. Here we will show you a step by step guide on how to open and fold them.

There are two manufactured models of Graco Strollers: Single and Double Stroller. Both will have different instructions on how to open it. The Single Stroller is just for one baby while the Double Stroller is for two babies.

10 easy steps to open a single stroller

  1. Place the stroller on a flat surface, and all the wheels should be touching the ground.
  2. Let the handles face upward.
  3. Find the buttons located on the outer sidebars of the stroller.
  4. Press the buttons and snap the handle upwards.
  5. Pull the handle upwards until you hear a click sound.
  6. You will have to release the side latches so each side of the stroller will open.
  7. Find the center of the stroller where it is holding the foundation altogether.
  8. Check and ensure that the center won’t snap when you carry it.
  9. Now hold the stroller with your other hand while the other will pull it upwards until you hear another click sound.
  10. It should be open by now and ready to use.

7 easy steps to open a double stroller

  • The first process is the same as the double stroller. You will need to set it up on the ground, making sure all the wheels are touching the ground.
  • The handles should be facing upwards.
  • Find the location of the storage latch, and it should be between the handlebars and top of the stroller.
  • You will find an oval shape button, press it, and remove the safety strap attached from the stroller’s latch. (The safety straps hold the stroller together to carry it easily.)
  • To fully open the stroller, you will have to remove the straps and press the button.
  • The same as the single stroller, you have to pull the handlebars upwards until you hear the click sound. (Newer strollers are quite hard to open compared to used ones. If you’re having trouble doing this step, it’s normal. Just try again until you hear the sound.)
  • Now it’s ready to use for your two kids.

Folding back the Graco stroller

It’s important to note that there are different instructions on folding it as well, depending on what stroller model you currently possess. Newer models have an easy way of folding it compared to the older ones. We will show you two different instructions on how to fold older and newer models of Graco strollers.

7 Steps on folding an older Graco stroller model

  • Keep the stroller brakes in check, and it should be set while doing this procedure.
  • By using your foot, you will need to push down the lever located at the rear wheels. It should put the stroller in place.
  • Tug the canopy slowly, then fold it and pull it back to its position when folded.
  • Slowly push the stroller seat backward to have it reclined. (Other models might require to unlock the latches before you can recline it.)
  • Locate the lower handle, and it should be near the wheels where the seat base is located.
  • Find the button at the center and push it.
  • You may either push the handle inwards or outwards upon folding it together, depending on which position you’re comfortable.

Easy 3-step folding newer Graco stroller model

  • You should be able to do this with just one hand. The strollers can be easily folded upon removing it from the car seats by unstrapping it.
  • Slowly tug the canopy by grabbing the handles and snap against it.
  • Then tug the straps located at the seats where you can fold the stroller.

More important tips

  • The instructions provided above may vary depending on what type of model you currently have. You need to check the model number and find a specific guide for that model.
  • Verify the User Manual Guide first before doing anything. This is always the first rule to apply when purchasing a new product to help you understand its mechanism.
  • Ensure that your kid is away from the assembling area where you’re trying to assemble, install, or fold the stroller.
  • Before boarding your child into the stroller, make sure the stroller was properly installed to avoid any accidents that might happen.
  • Always store the stroller in a clean and dry storage space after using it. Never leave it in a damp area or in the garage where bacteria and harmful insects can access it. The last thing you want your child to have is a dirty stroller.
  • In case the stroller got accidentally wet, make sure to wipe it down immediately and keep it dry. This will avoid your stroller from corrosion.

How do you open a Graco stroller video?

How do you fix a stuck Graco stroller?

How do you fold a Graco Comfort tracker stroller?

Squeeze up the levers: These are located at the base on either side of the handlebar frame. Push the handlebar: Forward, over the seat. Tug on the red handle: It should now be on top of the folded seat. Tug it and the stroller will collapse.

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How do you repair the brakes on a City Mini GT?

Where is the brake on City Mini GT?

Contrary to City Mini that has a foot brake, the Mini GT contains a hand brake which is situated on the side of the baby stroller. You only have to pull it up when locking the stroller.

How do you unlock the Baby Jogger City Mini GT?

The rear wheels can be locked by gently pulling the brake lever located on the right hand side of the frame into an upright position until it clicks. To unlock the rear wheels, pinch the gray tab and pull the lever toward you and then push the lever down until it is parallel with the frame.

How do you open the City Mini Baby Jogger?

How do you lock a baby jogger stroller?

How do you unlock the front wheel on a baby jogger?

At the side of the seat near the top on the right (just behind the sun hood) is an operating lever to lock the front wheel under the pushchair. When operated the end of the lever is nearest the handle. On the front wheel fork is a second locking button to lock the front wheel forwards.

How do you unlock the front wheel on a Joovy stroller?

Pull outward on the wheel to ensure the wheel is installed properly. To remove a wheel, push down on the metal tab on the rear wheel hub and then pull outward on the wheel. See Figure 3.2. With the stroller still tilted backwards on the handle bar, remove the plastic protector from the front forks and discard properly.

How do you lock the city select stroller?

Can you fold city select stroller with both seats?

Can the Baby Jogger City Select fold with both seats attached? Yes! When both seats are in the forward facing position, the Baby Jogger City Select stroller will fold for storage.

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