PayPal is the de facto payment standard used by millions for making online purchases and money transfer.

Amazon also obliges to it if you’d prefer it.

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Pay with PayPal Credit on Amazon

It would be best to read this article on PayPal on the same issue. The steps are clear, and you go ahead with it.

  • If you have credit on PayPal regularly, the best way to pay for purchases on Amazon is by using their ‘PayPal Cash Cards’.
  • You also have the option to go for a ‘PayPal Business Debit MasterCard’ –, which means that you can use it just like a MasterCard anywhere else.
  • You could also do something like this, ‘Buy some fit cards from Amazon using your PayPal account’, and then use those ‘Amazon Gift Cards’ for your shopping.

Change Payment to PayPal on Amazon

It is known that you cannot pay on Amazon using PayPal, because it does not accept this as a payment method. So, what can you do about it?

  • They are just like other cards and offer rewards as you like it starting from travel vouchers to restaurants.

Pay with PayPal on Amazon App

To be able to pay using PayPal on your Amazon app for mobile or web, you have to use the cards described above. You can save your card in the Payment section of Amazon checkout process. This is a simple card just like others, and your huge balance on PayPal can be used now.

  • Just go and save your ‘Credit/Debit Card’ you got from PayPal at Amazon.
  • When you are checking out, select this card as your payment method.
  • Pay as you would generally do, and this amount shall be deducted from your PayPal account, and the transaction shall be listed on your ‘Recent Activities’ as well.


You do not get a direct way to select PayPal as a payment method on Amazon, but you can use their ‘Cash Cards’ for the same.

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