Black Magic is a popular party game that you can play with your friends if they’re in the mood. In this game, you have to decide who the guesser is. Now, someone will point at an object in the room and the guesser has to guess what it is.

Black Magic Game Similar

You may like to play black magic, but after a while, this too will get boring. Hence, you should keep some alternatives to Black Magic handy.

  • You can play a triangle in the room where you have to find the owner of a drawn triangle. You can use pens and pencils to create Japanese words and ask people the meaning of it.
  • Don’t smile is another good game you can play where a dinner tries to make everyone smile. Story evolution is a game you can play with your friends. You start the story and the others continue your story.

Permainan Black Magic

In black magic, you need to convince your friends that you have psychic powers. So, you need to play this game with an edge from the start.

  • First, take one of your friends out and make them your associate in the game. Your friend will give you a cue at the right time so that you can guess the object being pointed at.
  • Then, when all your friends are inside, you go outside for a bit and ask them to pick an object.
  • When you come inside, wait for your cue while your assistant is pointing at the objects.

Black Magic Solution

You don’t actually have psychic powers but you need to convince your friends that you do. For this, you need to guess which object they chose when you were outside.

  • To do this, you need a friend who will act as your assistant. Go out with this friend at first and tell the others that you are going to establish a psychic connection.
  • When you both are out, decide on a cue that your friend will give you while pointing at objects.
  • When you see the cue from your friend during the game, you know what the object is.

Black Magic Video Game

Black Magic is also a fun video game that was launched in 1987. In this game, you have to defeat Zahgrim who is an evil wizard. You must save Aganar who is the good wizard who Zahgrim has turned to stone.

  • Zahgrim has removed the 6 eyes of Aganara and you must now collect them.
  • He has done this so that Aganar can observe the destruction being carried out so you must save him.
  • You could play this game on the Apple 2 platform on which it was released. You need to find all the six eyeballs to win.

Black Magic Mind-Reading

In black magic, you need to make it look like you can read minds and have psychic powers. You don’t actually have to read minds; you just need to make it look like you can.

  • To do this, ensure that you choose a trusted friend within the game. Make sure that you and your friend are in sync about what needs to be done.
  • Wait for your friend’s cue during the game and identify the object when you see the cue. Don’t make it obvious that you are in cahoots with your friend who is pointing out the objects.

Camp Game Black Magic

If you want to play a fun and spooky game at camp, black magic is the way to go. You should play with your fellow campers after sunset so that it is even spookier.

  • You should play this game outside in the open where there are a lot of objects to point out. Take one of your friends into a tent with you, and explain their role to them.
  • Then send them out to join the others as they choose an object. After this, you should come out and keep saying no-till you get the pre-decided cue from your friend.

What Kind of Game is Black Magic?

Black magic is a game that you can play with your friends. You will need a group of friends to play this game and it’s a fun spooky game.

  • You can lay this game at parties or at social gatherings like camp. Make sure that nobody knows the true method behind the game.
  • Take a trusted friend as your assistant so that it all works out.


  • When you and your friend decide the cue, make sure that it is not too obvious or everyone will know.
  • Make sure that both you and your friend understand the cue correctly and that there is no confusion.
  • When you receive the cue from your friend, don’t get excited or everyone will know that it is planned.
  • Ensure that you choose a trusted friend for this otherwise he or she may mess it up just for fun.