The Happy Wheel game has gained huge popularity among people of different ages and gender. The game was launched in 2008 and was released in 2010 and after that, it has become one of the favorite games for computer lovers. If you also want to play happy wheel game, then here we give you the guide on how you can start and proceed with the game

  1. Open its Website

If you will enter the Happy Wheel game in your Google Chrome browser, you will find so many options where you can play this game. But, most of the platforms offer a demo version of this game, so, it is better that you download its original size and play there. is the site name of this game. But, before you start playing this game, it is important that you collect a few information about it.

  • This game is popularly known for cartoon violence.
  • The game has cartons fight with different characters and their body parts are exploded and blood spill.
  1. Make the Account on Website

After opening the website, you need to click on the option game and then create the account on the website. This is the normal process, you need to enter your personal details like your name, last name, contact number, age etc. to create the account.

  • If you are going to play by creating an account, you would get lots of options like you would be able to save your game, you can create levels.
  • You can also select the level which one you want to play.
  • You can play with your friends’ colleagues at the same time.
  1. Get Accustomed with Control Buttons

Even if you are an online gamer and you know everything about online gaming, but still getting accustomed to controlling buttons are important in this came as it will guide you how you can play comfortably. At this point of time, read the instructions properly and get accustomed to the keys you are going to use such as:

  • Hold the upward ↑ key to move forward. Use the downward arrow key  ↓ to break.
  • To drive in reverse hold the same keys.
  • To leans backward press the right arrow key and for forwarding leaning use the → forward. Use these controls to move over obstacles, when piloting a two-wheeled vehicle.
  • For controlling optical signal to use the same right and left Arrow keys.
  1. Start Playing the Game

Now, once you have understood the keys, click on the star game button present on your screen to begin playing this game. The Happy Wheels game is a user-friendly game and you won’t take much time to understand how to play this game. Different levels are present in the game, so you can start the level you are comfortable with. The biggest fun in this game is watching cartoon characters moving all around the screen and doing various actions. As said there are different levels present, so if you are not comfortable with the level you are playing, you can easily switch on to the next level in order to change the perspective of this game.

  • When you will start the game, you will get lots of caution and you need to read all these to understand how the game will flow.
  • You can switch the level by selecting the change level option present on the main menu.
  1. Learn the Unique Character Abilities

More keys will be used in the game except for the arrow keys. The other keys are Space bar, Ctrl and Shift. The keys will give special abilities to characters you have chosen or the level that the creator has selected for you.

  • Wheelchair Guy

Press the button Shift & Ctrl this will rotate the jet and will space to fire.

  • Segway Guy

Press Shift & Ctrl to change its body posture and Space to jump.

  • Irresponsible Dad or Mom

Press the Space button to brake, press Shift & Ctrl button to eject one rider, for switching the camera to child press the button C.

  • Effective Shopper

This is the woman having the shopping cart, use this for jumping press the Space button.

  • Moped Couple

To boost speed, press the space button. Press the Ctrl button for brake, press the Shift button to eject woman, and for switching the camera to woman press the button C.

  • Lawnmower Man

For this press the Space button to jump; you can mow over people as well as some objects by this.

  • Explorer Guy who is in the Minecart

To bring him in lean position, press the button Shift and Ctrl. Now, hold the Space button to attach the cart to rails.

  • Santa Claus

Press the space button for floating, press the Shift button to release elves once they are injured, press the button C for switching camera.

  • Pogostick Man

For charging a larger bounce press and hold the Space button, press Shift & Ctrl button for altering posture.

  • Helicopter Man

Press the Space in-order to release magnet, press Shift & Ctrl button for raising and lowering it.

  1. Understand the Goal of Each Level

Every level in the game has a specific goal and you have to identify that. There will be wrecking balls, gravity wells, spikes, landmines, and giant spiders as obstacles.

  • If you will start playing the game after identifying your goal you would ascertain your winning chance.
  • Some hurdles are only to check your skills and therefore you have to cross 10 skillfully otherwise you will die.
  • Laugh hard when you die.
  1. You are not Dead Until

You are not dead in this game until your head or torso is severed.

  • You will not be called as that if your arms, legs or any other body part is broken or separated from your body.
  • Still have the option to restart the game exit from the game. For the press the Tab button.
  1. Know More Keys

In some levels of the game, you will have to get off from your vehicle. You will have to walk or crawl all around. When you are not using your vehicle, you have to use the arrow keys, for moving your arms and legs; you need to press the Shift and Ctrl button.

  • Every character in the game works differently, but all end up flopping at one place just like fish.
  • After you have left your vehicle and walking, you need to press Shift and Ctrl, right after to alteration, though it is a difficult challenge.
  • Oddly, this one is the simplest and easiest character to control when the wheelchair guy is walking along.
  1. Check More Levels in the Game

There are many levels present in the game and you can check more levels, pressing the button browse level. Then many options present how you can change the level of your game and these options are there on the instruction menu. So, if you are going to read the instruction carefully before starting the game, you would understand how to change levels and play this game comfortably. The other features of the Happy Wheels game are:

  • You can play a live game with your friend and at his level.
  • To get into your friends level you need to ask him to send him the URL of Level he is in.
  • Enter the URL in-game using the load level button and then proceed with the game.


 You can take help from your colleagues and friends who are already proficient in this game to understand it well. However, if you will read the instructions carefully, you won’t get into any trouble.