Coronavirus is a severe acute respiratory syndrome and is also being termed as SARS-Covid-19. This virus tends to spread at an alarmingly high rate and has causes the death of millions. To avoid getting it, it is advised for people to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between each other. This virus travels in the form of respiratory droplets. Whenever the carrier of the virus coughs or sneeze these droplets gets released.

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Keep reading to get to know some prevention you can take to avoid getting it.

Wash your Hands

The first and the foremost preventive that everyone has to take during this pandemic are to wash their hands. Everyone should wash their hands after regular intervals. Even if you haven’t left the house, keep washing your hands after a while to ensure safety. Even if you somehow come in contact with the virus unknowingly, your best chance of getting rid of it is by washing your hands with an antiviral or antibacterial soap.

Experts say that people should wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. This way one can get rid of the virus completely.

No Touching

Next up is no touching. Everyone should refrain from touching their face as long a coronavirus is here. If you come in contact with the virus and touch your face immediately after there are 100% chances of it entering your body. You cannot be expected to wash your hands 24 hours of the day so even if it gets on you somehow don’t touch your face. This includes rubbing your eyes, touching your nose or your mouth. One should also refrain from biting their nails as that can be a direct entrance for the virus in your body.

Use of Hand Sanitizers

It can be very difficult for people to wash their hands all the time especially if you are outside. For such situations it is crucial to always keep a hand sanitizer with you.  You are more prone to getting the virus outside your house since there are more people there. Keep a hand sanitizer on you at all times and use it frequently. These sanitizers are as good as washing your hands and should be your best friend during this pandemic.

Use Masks

The usage of masks is very important. Since one can catch the virus through respiratory droplets, it is very important to always wear a mask. If you are going outdoors for any urgent task, try to have a mask on at all times. The best way to stay safe from the virus is by keeping a mask on at all times. These masks cover your nose and mouth. They can be a little comfortable but one better be safe than sorry.


Similar to masks, gloves should also be made part of your everyday life now. In any case if you have to go out of the house, always have gloves on. Make sure that these are disposable gloves that can be thrown away and should not be used more than once. Wear gloves while grocery shopping or going to the pharmacy, where there are bound to be a lot of people. Since the virus stays on surfaces for up to 72 hours, these gloves will help you n staying safe from it.

No Sharing

Next up is no sharing. It is very important for everyone to avoid sharing of any item. This is a crucial step as exchange of personal objects can result in getting the virus. Avoid sharing your personal belongings such as comb, sunglasses, cap, etc with other. Adults and children should both refrain from unnecessary sharing of belongings.

No Contact

No contact is carried out is a very important thing to keep in mind. Refrain from greeting people by shaking hands. Other such actions of greeting people such as high fives should e avoided as well. Don’t hug anyone on meeting. No shoulder taps, half hugs or any other sort of body touch.


Take special care of cleanliness. You can’t completely eliminate the chances of the virus affecting you but you can avoid it by cleaning religiously and thoroughly. Carry out the cleaning process in your homes every day. Daily cleaning is the best way to get rid of the virus since it has the tendency to stay on surfaces for up to 72 hours. Use antibacterial disinfectants for cleaning surfaces. If you can get your hands on some alcohol based disinfectants, it would be even better.

You can also use items from your pantry in order to carry out your cleaning process. White vinegar is a great option for getting rid of dirt and germs during cleaning.

Disinfect Shopping

During this pandemic, even though half of the world is on lock down one might still have to go out. If you have to go out for necessities, always wear gloves and mask. Other than that, the shopping bags should be cleaned with disinfectant solutions. Similarly, any other bottle or container that you bring in from grocery stores or pharmacy, remember to wipe them with disinfectants before you start using them.

Always keep in mind that when you go shopping there are tons of other people who might’ve picked up and inspected certain objects too.

Avoid Social Gatherings

The most important thing out of all is to avoid social gatherings. You might think your friend is safe but you don’t how many people they’ve been in contact with. Anyone can be a carrier. There are lots of people who are asymptomatic, meaning they don’t show any symptoms even if they are carrying the disease. This means no more religious gatherings as well social ones.

No Dining Out

There is a lock down in many countries of the world but this lock down lifts for a while. Refrain from going out and dining during the hours when the lock down has been lifted. Restaurants, shops and diners, etc have tons of people coming in and out at all times. The virus can be found in these places.In order to stay safe from coronavirus, do not go out to eat or drink.

Social Distancing

Lastly, it is extremely crucial to take up social distancing. The more you distance yourself from people, the safer you will be. Especially those of you, who have to go outside for urgent basis, try to keep a good distance from the people around you. Many countries have made up circular drawings in order to guide people to stand 6ft apart while they are in a queue. Whether there is a circle or not, try to maintain at least 6 ft of distance. Try to do you work from home. There are websites who are also delivering at home. Minimize your chances of going out as much as you can.

If you feel like you have been affected by the virus even after taking all the precautions, the first thing you should do is isolate yourself. Get in touch with a medical expert and stay away from your loved ones to keep them safe.

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