Have you ever experienced encountering a situation where you’re clueless about a simple thing? One of the most frustrating things in the world is feeling like an idiot for not knowing something simple – like closing the blinds. Perhaps you grew up in a family that uses blinds alternatives (like curtains), and you haven’t used blinds before. Still, it isn’t very comfortable to ask other people about such a simple task. Worry no more. In this article, you will learn how to close different kinds of blinds.

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How to close the blinds without looking like an idiot?

1. For Singe-String Blinds

Single-string blinds use one string to pull the whole thing up or down. Lifting the blinds using the single string is intuitive: pull the string down and release. It stays on its place even without holding down the string.

Closing it, on the other hand, is a different matter. To drop the blinds, pull the string sideways to your left (or to you right, if the blinders are located to the left), about 45 degrees in angle. Slowly release the string while in the same position. While loosening your grip, the blinders will also start going down slowly.

2. For Double-Roller Blinds

For a lot of people, the double-roller blinders are not that great for the interior design. After all, it has a more distracting string mechanism that’s harder to hide compared to the single-string blinds. If you don’t mind how the blinds would look like, double-roller blinds are a better option because it’s intuitive to use.

The string of the double-roller blinds is continuous, which means that the whole string is looping around the roller mechanism. Therefore, you have to guess which string will go up and which one will go down. Start by pulling one string down. If the blinds go up, switch the string and pull down once again. You don’t have to pull both strings together, just one string will turn the rolling mechanism.

Since both up and down mechanism shares the same string, it’s a bad idea to pull in the strings in a quick stride. Worst scenario: the string mechanism will break, leaving your blinds stuck in its place.

3. For Cordless Blinds

Cordless blinds have no strings in their mechanism. Besides, compared to another kind of blinds in the list, this one is the most intuitive blinds to use. It uses a different kind of mechanism and doesn’t rely on strings for movement. To close the cordless blind, all you have to do is to push the blinds downwards, up until the level that you want it to stay.

For closing each blind, a rod is attached to one of the sides. Lift it and give it a little tilt to completely close the blinds. It’s easy and intuitive to use. However, compared to the stringed versions (which only needs small movements for closing and opening), cordless blinds require you to move it to your desired level. If you have a long and tall window, this might not be the one for you.

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