At times you’d like to cease the operations and hold it off for a short break. Over millions of stores on eBay offer goods 24×7. But if you wish to have a break, you can do this now.

How to Put eBay Store on Vacation Mode?

Making your eBay store professional as much as possible is the goal of eBay. And, therefore, it comes with plenty of options including time off if you wish to do so. Here ( is the article from eBay pages explaining everything about the so-called vacation mode.

  • You get all these options under ‘Manage Your Store’ button right at the beginning of that web page. This includes turning on the vacation mode too. It also hides your fixed-price listings.

  • In the change settings link section in the messages tab of my eBay; you can turn on vacation settings. Just click on ‘Turn On’ and it is done.

  • You can leave a short note in the text box to know your buyers that you’ll be away. Also, you can let people know the date you’ll be back using the box with the label aptly called ‘Show people the date that you’ll be back’, and then entering a return date.

  • Then you would like to put on hold your fixed-price listings as well. And for that, we shall go to the next step.

How to Put eBay Listings on Hold?

The idea of vacation mode is to stop people from placing orders or bids on your listing. Of course, you will not be there to entertain them, so you should also put on hold all your current fixed-price listings as well.

  • To do that, go to my eBay, and ‘Sign-In’. Then, you can find the ‘Messages’ tab where you can find the change settings link.
  • When you activate the vacation mode only by step 1, you get the option to disable fixed-price listing and put them on hold too.
  • To do this, along with the above step 1, also check the box beside the label ‘Keep people from buying your fixed price listings while you’re on vacation’.
  • However, this thread on eBay community also suggests other ideas like ending all your listings manually before you leave. This is a good read if you’re interested in the discussion.

How do I Set My eBay Account to Vacation?

Now, people also look for ways to eBay’s vacation mode enabling without a store. Meaning, if you can put your eBay account on vacation mode even if you are not a seller? This issue ( has been discussed here as well.

  • It turns out that, putting a store on vacation mode is only the possible and doable thing on eBay, and it does not apply to regular accounts.

  • If you do not have a store and only do fixed-price listings, there is no-store. So, there are two options either pay $20 and get a store or monitor your account daily for any purchases, and if done, message your buyer to let them know that you’re on vacation and you’ll ship when you return.


If you do not wish to hide the eBay listings then are sure to extend the handling items date till your vacation is over so that buyers are well aware of the delay.

How do I put my eBay store on vacation mode?

Schedule Time Away
  1. Go to My eBay > Account settings > Time Away settings.
  2. Select Schedule Time Away.
  3. Select Allow item sales or Pause item sales while on Time Away.
  4. Set a Start date and an End date for your Time Away.
  5. Select Apply.

Can I put my eBay account on vacation?

Go to the Change settings section of the Messages tab in My eBay, select Turn on under Vacation settings. In the text box, enter a short note informing your buyers that you’re away. Check the box beside Show people the date that you’ll be back, and enter your return date.

How do I temporarily close my eBay store?

How to close eBay Store
  1. Go to My eBay > Account > Selling > Subscriptions page.
  2. Find your active Store subscription and select Cancel subscription. The Subscription End Date you can see in the same section.

How do I put an out of town on eBay?

Schedule time away
  1. Go to your Time Away settings.
  2. Select Schedule time away.
  3. Select Allow item sales while on time away or Pause item sales while on time away.
  4. Set a Start date and End date for your time away. If you allow item sales, your time away can be up to 15 days.
  5. Select Apply.

How do I combine shipping on eBay?

Offering combined shipping
  1. On the Manage shipping settings – opens in new window or tab page, select Edit beside Allow combined payments and shipping.
  2. Choose the time period during which you’re willing to combine payment for purchased items and select Save.

Should I combine shipping on eBay?

You can combine shipping on eBay if a buyer purchases several items from you, saving them money. While sellers aren’t required to offer combined shipping, it’s considered good business to do so.

How do I select free shipping on eBay?

If you’re not happy with the recommended shipping service, select Change shipping service to choose another option. Select the calculated rate, or select the option to charge a fixed amount, then enter the amount. You can also choose to offer free shipping and pay it yourself.

How do I request an invoice on eBay 2020?

You can send or revise an invoice from either My eBay or Seller Hub.
  1. Find the item: In Seller Hub, select Orders. In My eBay, select Sold.
  2. From Actions, select Send invoice.
  3. Make any necessary changes (to shipping charges, payment methods, etc.).
  4. Select Send invoice.

How do I combine postage on eBay before paying?

Here’s how to check:
  1. On the Manage postage settings – opens in new window or tab page, select Edit beside Allow combined payments and postage.
  2. Choose the time period during which you’re willing to combine payment for purchased items and select Save.

How do you create an invoice on eBay?

Revised invoices
  1. Go to My eBay > Sold or Seller Hub > Orders.
  2. Select the items for which you would like to send an invoice.
  3. Select Send Invoice from the drop-down menu.
  4. Specify details such as P&P, tax and available payment methods.
  5. Click Send Invoice.

How do I send an unsold invoice on eBay?

Answers (2)

If the item is currently listed on ebay, the buyer can use the ASK A QUESTION link in the listing, and you can reply back with an offer. If the item is not currently listed on ebay, then you need to create a listing with the agreed price, send the item number to the buyer, and the buyer makes the purchase.

Can you send an invoice on eBay?

You can send an invoice on eBay to anyone who buys an item from you, as a reminder that they still owe payment. You can also add a note to your invoice when you send it.

How do I send an invoice before auction ends on eBay?

Send Invoice
  1. Click “My eBay” and select “Sold” from the left sidebar.
  2. Click the “More Options” link on your item listing and then select “Send Invoice.” This option is available only after a listing ends and before the buyer pays. Enter any additional instructions or messages you want to add to the invoice.

Can I sell an eBay item before auction ends?

Go to My eBay > Selling and find the item. From the More actions drop-down menu, select End My Listing Early. If there are bids on your item, choose how you want to end your listing. If there are 12 or more hours before the end of the listing, select Cancel bids and end listing early or Sell item to high bidder.

How do you send invoices?

How to send an invoice. The quickest and easiest way to send your invoices is by email. You can attach your invoice in an un-editable PDF format (to prevent fraud) and include a clear, brief description of your business and invoice in the subject line and body of the email.

How do I ship cheap on eBay?

5 Ways to Save Money on eBay Shipping
  1. 1) Opt for Efficient Packaging. Saving on shipping begins with selecting the appropriate packaging.
  2. 2) Take Advantage of High-Volume Discounts.
  3. 3) Use USPS Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes.
  4. 4) Get Cheap (or Free) Shipping Supplies.
  5. 5) Offer Combined Shipping Discounts.