Sticky notes are a great way to ensure that you never forget to do something.

People use sticky notes all of the time in their everyday lives, so why not apply it to your computer time as well? You’ll be able to keep all sorts of notes and lists on your desktop, as well as anything else that you could think of writing down (images could even apply).

You can have images inside of the sticky note with a little message to go alongside them, giving you a little memoir to think about the moment with. Keeping your memories politely organized with sticky notes is always a good idea, but it’s also optimal for working people who have a lot of stuff to remember.

  1. How to Create a Sticky Note

Creating a sticky note is quite easy, all you need to do is open up the “Stickies” application on your Mac computer. From here, you can make a new note by selecting “File -> New Note”. You can add text as you please, as well as a picture or even PDF file – simply drag and drop the file into your sticky note and you’ll see it pop up.

All of the content that you’re putting together in your sticky notes is automatically save; when a note is minimized, the first line of said note is shown within the title bar (so you don’t have to open all of them to identify the right choice).

You can change the color of your note from the “Color” menu, as well as change the font-type on top of that. If you wanted the note to have a translucent appearance, you can select that from the “Translucent” option. If you’d like the note to stay on top of all other windows, check the “Window -> Float on Top” option on.

  1. Making Lists

You can create lists through the use of sticky notes as well, all you need to do is press “Option+Tab” and enter your first item of the list. To end a list and go back to the regular text format, you simply need to click on the last item on your list and hit “Return” twice.

Notes have many different applications to them, so make sure that you’re well-acquainted with this feature. You never know when it’s going to save the day, or even just make yours a little bit brighter.

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