Tennis balls and a walker in the same sentence is one for the books.

Well, there is a practical reason as to why people will use tennis balls on the bottom of their walkerThe usual rubber tips on the bottom tend to wear so easily and quicklyTennis balls have come to offer solution to this menaceUnlike the rubber tips, tennis balls offer a large surface area and increased tractionThis enhances safety when moving aroundHere is how to put tennis balls on a walker;

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  1. Gather all the materials you need. You must have all the materials needed ready. These materials include;
  • Sharp box cutters
  • Tennis ball
  • An item that will hold the tennis ball into position
  • Nail
  • Hammer

Once you gather materials, now it is time to get down to work.

  1. Put the ball in place. In our step one, we have outlined the materials you need to put balls on a walker. One of those materials is something that will hold the ball tight to prevent it from moving. You can use a vice.
  • Gently stabilize the ball on the vice in such a way that it does not move around when you initiate the cutting process. If you are used to this procedure then you can stabilize the ball using your hand. But if you are new to this, then stabilize the ball using the vice.
  • If you don’t have an Access to a vice you can let another person hold the ball for you.
  • The idea here is to prevent the ball from moving around when you are cutting it.
  1. Marking out the starting point. You will notice that we have included hammer and nail in the list of items you need to get the job done. These materials are optional. This is because you can as well use a sharp box cutter to put a hole that marks the starting point for the cutting process. Therefore, to put a hole on the tennis ball there are two ways to do it. One you hammer the nail into the ball until you hear the air coming out of the ball. Two, you can use the sharp cutter to put the initial hole where the actual cutting process begins.
  1. Make an X on the ball using the knife. From the hole you made, make an X using the knife. Ensure the size of the X is two inches in length. However, you are not limited to the two inches rule. This is because the size of the X will also depend in the size of the walkers legs. Follow the line that makes the x shape on the tennis ball.
  1. Put the ball on the walker’s leg. After you have completed cutting and making the X on tennis ball, push the ball on the walker’s leg. The process is quite easy. Open the flaps and slide in the legs of the walker to the ball. You may choose to add glue or a tape around for a more secure fit, but you can as well leave it like that.

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