In the Uber community drivers and riders rate, each other after trips and this rating is displayed to both the rider and the driver when a ride is booked. This makes the rating procedure important.

How to Rate Uber Driver after a Trip?

The rating allows Uber to ensure a better experience for both the rider and the driver. Hence it is important that you rate each driver after your trip as they will surely be rating you.

  • As soon as you complete your trip, a pop box will prompt you to rate your driver immediately.
  • If you happen to close the app without rating then the next time you open the app you will again be prompted to rate your last ride.
  • Make sure that you choose the right rating by clicking on the number of stars you wish to give out of five.
  • Also, select what you liked or disliked about the trip from the keywords given or you can enter your own in the others option.

How to Rate Uber Driver who Canceled?

A driver canceling can be frustrating but you should not immediately lash out by giving them a bad rating.

  • If the driver called and explained the reason or canceled immediately after accepting then that is acceptable as per Uber standards.
  • As soon as the ride is canceled you will be prompted to rate your experience.
  • You can even choose to talk to a customer care executive if the experience was particularly unpleasant.
  • The basic procedure for rating drivers who canceled is the same as rating drivers of normal rides.

How to Rate Uber Driver Later?

You may forget to rate your Uber driver after a ride. You can rate your Uber ( driver later whenever you find it convenient.

  • If you accidentally closed the app without rating your driver, a dialogue box will prompt you to rate the last ride whenever you open the app again.
  • If you need to rate your driver later the select the three bars which appear on the top left of the screen to open the options menu and then select ‘Your Trips’.
  • After selecting ‘Your Trips’, you will see all your previous trips. Tap on the trip you wish to rate and then give it a rating.
  • You can even use this technique to modify the ratings of your rides on a later date.


  • Remember to give an honest rating since the driver will not be able to see your rating.
  • You are rating your driver and the driver is also rating you.
  • Ratings are not permanent and can be changed anytime from the options menu.

Always remember to select which aspects of the ride you liked or disliked when prompted to do so from a list of keywords.