Google Chromecast is the attempt from Google to allow streaming content like photos, music, and videos from your smaller-screen smartphones to your TV. But, at times if the device fails to work, you would like to factory reset it just like your smartphone or your computer. But, how exactly would you go about doing it? A Google Support article gives you some help. Yet, we put here everything in detailed steps.

  1. Look for the Support Center

The first step is definitely to check the above steps mentioned at the official support center from Google. You should be able to find queries and answers of most like issues that others are facing too. And, upon trying them out, you will most likely solve your problem too.

  • The first and second generation Chromecast requires the Google Home app.
  • On the Android, you have the option to reboot the device from within the app. Though, for the iOS, this option does not seem to be there as of now.
  • Before doing anything, your Chromecast must be powered on and connected to the network.
  1. Turn on TV is Powered by USB

If the Chromecast dongle is powered by the adapter, you don’t have to turn on the TV. But, you can do it for getting some reactions and notifications to the process. If it is powered by the USB of the TV, you definitely have to have it powered on.

  • Once you have done all the powering of devices and TV, you are ready to do a factory reset procedure.
  • The process will need the Home App and is not manual factory reset as of yet.
  1. Use the Android App to Reset

If you are using an Android smartphone and you have the Google Home app, open it and check for devices under its list. This is on the upper right corner. You may have multiple Chromecast devices, so just scroll and select the one you wish to reboot.

  • You can find the same image currently on your TV as a backdrop thumbnail.
  • There you can find “three dots” as an overlay, which you have to tap on.
  • Then you are getting four options, the last of which is “Reboot”.
  1. Do a Factory Reset Instead

Just as you went through the above step, you have to do something different here. In this case, you don’t want to reboot the device but a factory reset it. This means it will be just like a new and all configurations will be deleted.

  • To do that, click on the same “three dots” overlay on the backdrop.
  • Then, choose the first of the four options that read “Settings”.
  • You will go to another tab with a “three dot” overlay. Expand it to find the “factory reset” option in the second or third row.
  1. Look for Confirmation

Regardless of your process, whether just a reboot or a factory reset, you will get a confirmation of the same. This is to make sure that your device has been reset now.

  • A message will pop up on your screen asking to confirm the action.
  • You are presented with two options: “Cancel” or “Ok”.
  • You can now wither cancel this or continue with completing the process.


  • There is also a way to directly or manually do the process. This is for those who use the iOS version of the Google Home app or just can’t find the steps or options given above.

You have the button on the Chromecast device that can be used to do a factory reset too. For generation specific procedure read this Google Support article.