Trust is one of the most important components in any relationship.

When trust in any relationship is broken the relationship is almost overBut, it does not mean that the broken trust could not be retainedIf both the partners are willing to work on the component trust, it can be easily rebuiltFollow these steps to rebuild trust in your marriage.

  1. Take the Responsibility

If you are the one who has compromised trust in a relationship, only you can rebuild it by taking responsibility for your action.  When the trust is already broken, you cannot retain it by playing the blame game. Both the partners should understand and put efforts to avoid blaming each other and start understanding things.

  1. Plan your Apology

If you know you are on the wrong front, it is good that you ask for the apology.  For many people apology don’t come easy. It raises their anxiety level and makes them stressful and sometimes even irritated. If you are also one of them, instead of the standing in front of the person and asking for an apology, prepare yourself better first. While asking for an apology you have to be truthful. Put every fact in front of your partner. Simply apologizing and saying the words that will impress your partner don’t work when you are trying to rebuild trust in your relationship. Instead of doing that, be truthful and present the fact why things happened. Write down what you have to say in a paper if you are not comfortable speaking to your partner right away, rehearse it standing in front of the mirror. This will boost your confidence.

  1. Find the Right Time to Talk

It is important for you as well as your partner to be in the right mood when you are discussing this serious issue. Therefore, do not be in a hurry when you have already decided to ask for an apology. Instead, ask your partner for the best time to talk and then open up yourself. It is important to have an uninterrupted discussion.

  1. Show your Concern

No matter how much self-dependent your partner is, she will always have certain expectations from you. While apologizing for your mistakes, it is important that you show your concern to your partner that you care for her. Tell her with feeling why you lied use sentences like “I am sorry, I was at my friend’s place when you call me and I told you that I am at the store’.

  1. Listen to your Partner

Once you have spoken your mind, don’t be in hurry of closing the discussion. Listen to your partner as well, what is her concern and what things made her react in the manner she was reacting up to now, what she is thinking about the relationship. While listening to your partner keep your body language receptive. It means instead of standing in front of your partner folding your arms, lean your body posture and look into your partner’s eye. Listen to her words carefully and reply to her whenever it is needed.

  1. Be Watchful of your Actions

If your apology has been accepted it does not mean you forget what you have said and committed during your conversation with your partner. Be the man of words and show your partner that you mean what you had said with your actions not just verbally. After the apology, your every action will matter and even a small fault could spoil all your efforts.

  1. Be Patient

Rebuilding relationship takes time, so you have to keep the patient and be little more careful toward your partner. And if you had genuinely apologized for your action the patience will come automatically.  Every relationship needs effort from both the partners to go on the right track. When you breach the trust of your partner, you broke her from inside. It takes time for the person to recover from the damage. So, by keeping patients and be a little more careful toward your partner, you can bring the change and you would be able to rebuild trust in your relationship once again.

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