Recording videos on Mac is an easy thing. Mac features some amazing in-built tools to help you do the process with less hassle. QuickTime, iMovie, and Photo Booth are amazingly easy to use as you open them then click on the red button. But if you are unfamiliar with the process, here is a step by step guide on how to record videos using Mac.

PRESS: COMMAND + SHIFT + 5 (To record your screen)

Recording Video on Mac with an Audio

If you want to record videos on mac with audio, use the QuickTime in-built application. However, here is the step-by-step guide

  • On the Applications Folder, open the QuickTime Player,
  • From there, choose on File then you’ll see New Screen
  • Having done that, the Screen Recording window opens. Before you start recording your videos, ensure you click on the arrow close to the Start recording to change video recording settings.
  • To record audio or your voice together with the screen recording, ensure you choose the microphone. If you want to control the sound while recording, use the volume slider. You can as well use headphones or lower the volume with a microphone.
  • Start recording by clicking the red button then take either of these actions:
  • Hit anywhere within the mac’s screen to start recording the whole screen.
  • Drag to select any place to record, followed by click Start Recording along that area
  • To end your recording, press Command-Control-Esc (Escape) or a “grey” button located on the menu bar.
  • Save your recording.

Note: QuickTime player opens the recording, and you can edit or share it.

Record Videos Using Photo Booth

  • Open the photo Booth app on the folder holding Applications on your Mac. If you see a video preview or photo preview button, hit on it. Afterward, you will see the Record Video button on the bottom left of Mac’s screen.
  • Click on the Video button.
  • Record your video then hit the stop button after you finish recording.
  • On the File Menu, click Save.

Note: When using the app on your Mac, you can perform the following:

Using the app in Full screen:

  • Shift the pointer to the top-left of the app’s window to a green button.
  • Select Enter Full Screen
  • Click the button.

To exit full screen, place the pointer on the green button then select Exit Full Screen.

Recording Videos on Macs Webcam

Mac allows you to record videos directly from your webcam. But for this to be successful, use mac’s iMovie software.

  • On the Applications Software, open the iMovie software.
  • Hit the “Import” button that’s located on the toolbar. It resembles a downward-facing arrow.
  • Choose “Cameras.” Its located on the left of mac’s screen, then hit on “FaceTime HD Camera.”
  • After that, choose an event you wish to save the recording from the drop menu located on screen’s center.
  • Hit the red button on the center of the screen then start recording.
  • Again press it to end the recording.
  • Having done that, click on the “Close” button located on the lower right side of the Mac’s screen.
  • Then click on “< Projects” located on the upper right screen corner to save the recording then return to the iMovie main menu.