iCloud is the central repository for all your iDevices.

In case you can’t remember the password, here is what you can do.

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Recover iCloud Password without Phone Number

Before you begin the process, it is a good thing to check if Apple has any resources for help. They sure do right here. You can right away see that there are more than one ways to do so.

  • So, you have to go to ‘appleid.apple.com’, and enter your ‘Username’ and then click on ‘Forgot Password’. This is always the beginning step.
  • On the ‘Next Page’, enter your ‘Apple ID’, and write the code given in the box, that captcha.
  • In the option you shall be asked to choose to send your ‘Reset Password’, you can choose your alternate email or another recovery phone number.
  • Once the link is sent your email, you can click on it, and ‘Reset Your Password’. Then, you can ‘Log-In’ to iCloud using the newly set password.

Recover iCloud Password without Email

So, the answer to recovering your iCloud – https://www.icloud.com/ password without phone number and with email is straight-forward. But, if you do not have any alternate email, then you have two other options to choose from after the initial steps above.

  • You can choose to go with a recovery phone number which is registered with the Apple ID or by answering some security questions.
  • In case you choose the phone number, a link with a reset password will be sent to you. This is followed up for two-step verification.
  • You can then ‘Log-In’ with this two-step verification, and change your ‘Password’ and set it to a new one.

Recover iCloud Password on iPad

When you have a trusted iDevice, such as your iPhone or iPad, then you can use it to complete a two-step verification process such that you can log in and reset your forgotten password. For an iPad, you go with the iPad.

  • Go to your Apple ID account page, and click on ‘Forgot Apple ID or Password’.
  • Then, enter your ‘Apple ID’, and select the option to ‘Reset Your Password’, and then choose ‘Continue’.
  • Enter the ‘Recovery Key’ for the two-step verification. Then, select your iPad and a ‘Verification Code’ will be sent to it.
  • Complete the steps and you can now reset and ‘Log-In’ with the new password. This is the same for iCloud as well.


There is an elaborate set of instructions, depending on which device you have and which mode you prefer.

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