In case you are no longer using any particular device, you should remove that device from your iCloud. 

How to Remove a Device from iCloud Account?

You should remove your iOS device like AirPods, an Apple watch or an iPhone, in case you are not using those devices anymore. 

  • You need to go to the iOS Device and go to Settings in your device. 

  • You need to ‘Log-In’ to your iCloud with your Apple ID’ & ‘Password then turn it off. 

  • In case you are using Mac, you should go for Apple Menu then go to the System Preferences the click on the iCloud button and deselects Find my Mac. 

  • To continue the process, you need to enter your Apple ID & Password and click on Continue. 

How to Remove a Device from iCloud without a Password? 

There are several reasons you have to remove a device from your cloud-like you have lost your device. So, its better you unregistered it from your iCloud account. 

  • In case you have lost your password, you can remove an iCloud account with the help of iMyFone LockWiper – application. 
  • You just need to delete Apple ID & iCloud account without password from any activated device. 
  • Then you can turn off Find my iPhone without any password. 
  • You can make a new Apple ID and keep enjoying the services of iCloud and iOS features. 

How to Remove a Device from iCloud Sharing? 

You can simply remove a device from the list listed on your iCloud account via the Settings app in iOS. 

  • In case you have sold your device and do not want to keep that device on your device listed with your Apple ID – 
  • You simply have to open the Setting app and go to iCloud Option available. 

  • You have to enter all the details to access your Apple ID account details then go to the Devices option listed. 
  • You need to select the device you want to remove from your iCloud account the remove it from your ID. 

  • It will simply ask for confirmation then click on Remove to Account from your iCloud account. 

How to Remove a Device from iCloud Backup? 

iCloud provides only 5 GB free storage per account. So, you need to maintain the data that you are going to keep in your iCloud. 

  • iCloud basically backup all the information or data of the listed device every day, in the case to restore your settings in some new device. 
  • You need to go to the Setting app on your iPhone or iOS device then click on the Apple ID. 

  • You should go to the iCloud option and click on the Manage Storage under it. 
  • Then click on Backup and choose the device that you do not want to be in your backup.  

How to Remove a Device from iCloud Keychain? 

You should delete an iCloud account when it is not convenient for you anymore because of a sharing account with any of your family member. 

  • You should go to the Apple Menu and go to System Preferences. 

  • Then you need to click on the iCloud Panel’.  

  • You need to keep all your data from your iCloud drive like contacts, reminders, etc. 


  • In case to remove Apple Watch or AirPods, you need to be sure that they are offline.