Nits are the eggs laid by head lice. In order to complete the lice treatment, it is necessary to get rid of all nits. Properly removing nits from hair mean that lice eggs never hatch, which not just averts pain but also restrains the spread of lice to others. Natural remedies can encounter with this problem.

  1. Kill All Adult Lice

You should kill adult lice first as it will not cause any difference if you remove the nits from the hair when adult lice are able to bread. Those nits left behind will hatch into more lice which will bread and lay more eggs or nits. This cycle is hard to break until you do not kill all adult lice.

  • You need to start nit-picking and combing.
  • There are special kinds of comb that will help you go through this.
  • You can start hours to extracting nits by hand from hair.
  1. Pyrethrins/Pyrethrum

It is the active ingredient in nit removal shampoo and obtained from the chrysanthemum flowers. This OTC or over-the-counter medication is effective in killing live lice, too. However, this product is not recommended for persons allergic to chrysanthemums and children below 2 years old. It harms the nervous system of lice but.

  • You need to keep dry hair for a few minutes.
  • Apply the product to your dry hair and add water to form a lather.
  • It has softened the nits so just comb for nits.
  • You must perform a second treatment 9 days from the first treatment to kill newly hatched lice. A follow up treatment is highly recommended these hatched lice from producing new eggs.
  1. Olive Oil

This is one of the most excellent agents to remove nits from hair without a comb. Olive oil is able to create suffocation for lice and let them die.

  • It is a slow process so you need to keep your hair like that overnight as we know lice can survive hours without breathing like underwater.
  • It will help loosen lice from the hair shafts.
  1. Permethrin Lotion 1%

It is a synthetic version of pyrethrins. It works the same way as pyrethrins attack lice. Permethrin is safe and effective to use for on 2 months old children and up.  Follow instructions from the label as directed for maximum efficiency.

You need to shampoo your hair but not conditioned.

  • Fill up your head with the lotion.
  • Keep your head like this for the next about 10 minutes.
  • You should repeat the process if you find any more nits or lice after 7 or more days after the initial treatment.
  1. Hair Dryers

It is known that hot-air is highly effective in killing nits but not able to remove live lice. A hairdryer might kill about 90% of your nits but just 10% of lice.

  • If you blow dryer using direct heat, it will increase the efficiency and kill about 98% of nits and 55% of lice.
  • You should wash your hair first as it increases your chance of removing the nits.
  1. Spinosad

It is a lotion which contains ingredients from a natural insecticide. This solution is proven effective to kill live lice and unhatched eggs. Spinosad is also recommended safe to use for children 6 months old and above.

  • It had proven to be a great success in clinical trials.
  • You need to cover your scalp and put the liquid through dry hair.
  • Keep your hair like this for the next 10 minutes.
  • It may cause eye and skin irritation.
  • A follow up treatment is only needed when lice are noticed again after 7 days from the first treatment.
  1. Ivermectin

It is a lotion that can paralyze and kill lice and their eggs/nits. There are fewer chances of having eye and skin irritation.

  • It is harmful to use this lotion for babies.
  • You need to apply some lotion to dry hair and scalp.
  • Wash off after 10 minutes.
  1. Petroleum Jelly

It is simple and works like olive oil. It is supposed to suffocate the lice and nits by clogging their breathing holes.

  • You should cover your hair and scalp.
  • Leave it overnight and put a shower cap.
  • Rinse your hair the next morning.
  • You should repeat the process every week.
  1. Mayonnaise

It will help in closing the breathing holes in lice.

  • It helps in killing the lice by suffocating lice.
  • You should follow the basic protocol of washing your hair.
  • Keep mayo onto your hair overnight to do its thing.
  • Shampoo your hair the next morning for nits.
  • Repeat the process a week later if you still find the same problem.
  1. Vinegar

Nit eggs are covered in a sticky substance that holds them to the hair follicles. It is believed that vinegar will dissolve the sticky glue which is used to attach eggs to hair. Although vinegar is known to remove nits, unfortunately, it does not kill adult lice.

  • The acetic acid is useful in nitpicking after using a bug-killing treatment.
  • It is a home remedy so does not have any more clinical evidence.
  • It is to be mixed with water in 1:1 part of water and vinegar.
  1. Lemon Juice

As a natural remedy, lemon juice works best for killing nits and lice.

  • You should go with lemon juice to kill all the nits and lice.
  • You need to squeeze a lemon and wet your hair with it.
  • Lemon juice weakens the bonding between the lice egg to the hair shaft.
  1. Listerine

Listerine is some kind of mouthwash which contains high % of alcohol. It will break down the bonding to the hair follicle.

  • You should use Listerine and keep your hair wet and completely cover your hair for about 30 minutes.
  • Can also use your towel and put it around your head.
  • You should use mild hot water to wash your hair.
  • Listerine spray will kill all the adults and will prevent them from re-intestate.
  1. Lousebuster

  • It is some kind of vacuum cleaner with a brush-like nozzle. It ejects heated air towards the hair roots and scalp to dry them out and kill all the lice and their eggs.
  • Estimated that it can kill about 98% of nits and 80% of live lice.
  • Safe and quick.
  • This treatment might require only 30 minutes.
  • In a vacuum, you might be able to drop live lice or nits with a HEPA filter.
  1. Benzyl Alcohol Lotion 5%

It is a very useful method to overcome the lice and nit problem.

  • Benzyl alcohol lotions kill lice because of asphyxiation.
  • You need to saturate your dry hair and scalp with the lotion.
  • Leave it for 10 minutes and wash it off.
  • It is necessary for you to shampoo afterward.
  1. Plastic Bags

It is possible that nits can be re-installed by any means of clothing and towels.

  • You should keep your item in plastic bags for up to 2 weeks.
  • Items to be pocketed are like stuffed animals, pillows helmets, hair ribbons, ponytail holders, and barrettes.
  1. Garlic

It contains antimicrobial properties. Its strong fragrance actually suffocates lice and the following procedure is the same as we can do in case of oil.

  • You need to peel off 10 cloves of garlic and make a fine paste.
  • Then you should add the fine paste with a little lime juice or olive oil.
  • Apply the mixture for like 30 minutes before you rinse off your hair.
  1. Oil Infused with Garlic

As it is already known the benefits of garlic when it comes to treating the nits, some people don’t want to apply the garlic straight away in order to avoid the smell. For them, garlic infused oil is another good option.

  • Take a jar and fill it with sunflower oil, peel off and put at least 10 garlic cloves in the oil and leave it overnight.
  • Next day, apply the oil with a brush in your hair for around 6-7 hours and wash it off with your shampoo and warm water.
  • This will help to get rid of the nits without leaving a foul smell of the garlic in your hair.
  1. Baking Soda with Egg Yolk

Another method to get rid of nits from your hair is the baking soda and egg yolk mixture. The property of both the ingredients works on killing the nits making it easier to remove from your hair.

  • Take 1 spoonful of baking soda for every one egg yolk.
  • Take it in a bowl and microwave it for 30 seconds, whisk it well and then apply it on the scalp of your head.
  • If after applying to scalp the mixture is left, apply it outwards in the hair.
  • Sit it for half an hour and then rinse it off with just warm water and do not use shampoo for the next 5-6 hours.
  1. Hair Gel

Having talked about petroleum jelly earlier, hair gel is another way one can get rid of nits and lice easily from the hair. Any sort of hair gel can work without harming the kids or adults with their hair.

  • Take a considerable amount of hair gel and put it in the hair and let it try for at least 2-3 hours.
  • The hair gel when hardens suffocates the lice by clogging its pores, making it easier for them to die.
  • Wash off hair gel with water and comb the hair you can see the nits falling off.
  1. Nit Fingering

Nit fingering is a very neat and basic method when it comes to ticking off all the nits from your hair. But other than focusing on elimination, the environment for the same matters too.

  • Make sure you’re seated in an area where it’s chilly, like in front of your cooler or air conditioner.
  • The chill atmosphere restricts the movement of the nits.
  • Next, sit right underneath a bright artificial light so it’s easy for the nitpicker to see them thoroughly and get rid of them efficiently.
  • Just running your fingers down the air will make those nits fall off from your hair, keep shaking your hair in between a few times.


  • It is advised not to use a hairdryer after applying a chemical lice treatment as some chemicals are flammable.
  • Always protect the eyes when doing lice treatment at home. Be sure to flush with clean water when contact with the eyes happens.
  • In extreme cases of head lice, physician-endorsed medicine might be required to treat the condition. Avoid delayed head-to-head contact with people.
  • Nits look like dandruff but they cannot be shaken off or brushed out.
  • Don’t use frequent chemicals to kill live lice and nits as in few decades; certain chemicals will have no effect on live lice or nit.
  • You should avoid contact with infested clothing materials like hats, hair ties, barrettes, scarves, coats, and uniform and personal cleaning products and bedding.
  • Avoid using the same lice treatment more than twice as this may cause resistance to the medication.
  • Do not mix 2 lice medications at the same time. Only use a different method or product if the first option is not effective. Doing so may cause more damage instead of addressing the issue.
  • Always contact your health care provider if lice are still seen after full treatment.

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